April 28, 2021 Tim 1

Successfully Interceding for Forty Years We grew up in average families but both had their dark side. Tim’s mother was alcoholic and Faith’s father a […]

Weird and Wonderful!

December 13, 2017 Tim 0

My favourite Bible College teacher once said, “Sometimes God does the weird and wonderful”. I agree, so this newsletter is about a weird and wonderful […]

New Zealand

January 29, 2016 Tim 0

David was a warrior who knew the art of war. He learnt how to fight in the hills of Israel, out of sight of his […]


January 14, 2016 Tim 0

Praying for several hours at a time can be difficult and very tiring. We are not eloquent speakers and we do not have a lot […]

Climbing the Mountain

December 18, 2015 Tim 0

Intercession can be like climbing a mountain. We get to the top of a peak and think we are at the top of the mountain, […]

God the Winner

December 10, 2015 Tim 0

God is a winner. He has never lost a battle and he never will. It is reassuring to know we are on the winning team. […]

Red Light District

December 1, 2015 Tim 0

One of the most evil industries is prostitution. Most women and children who are kidnapped or trafficked, are sold or forced into prostitution. The underworld […]

City Changes

November 25, 2015 Tim 0

After three months of intense intercession for the west, we didn’t intercede again for several years. We continued our Church Planting but one evening the […]

The West

November 19, 2015 Tim 0

During our intercession for the west, God laid several burdens on our hearts. One of the most amazing was for a city on the western […]


November 12, 2015 Tim 0

The last two weeks I shared about the cost of intercession. When we pay the price and take up our cross, the power of the […]

The Cost part 2

October 30, 2015 Tim 0

Please note: We do not endorse or take part in any of the advertising WordPress use in this blog. Last week I shared about the […]