Good people doing nothing!

As Nazis swept across Europe, many Germans and Poles had deep regrets. They knew something was not right when Jews were put into gulags, for their own protection, and treated differently from other Germans. Germans and Poles regretted not standing up and saying something, but stood by as the Jewish people faced genocide.

One Dutch family did stand up, hiding Jews in their home and helping them escape. It cost the family their lives but one member, Corrie Ten-Boom, lived to tell the tale. Corrie traveled the world, bringing healing and truth to many. After one Church meeting, the German guard responsible for Corrie’s sister’s death, asked and received Corrie’s forgiveness. Countries who resisted the evil came out on top. This is the fruit of those who stand up and speak up.

Many courageous whistle blowers (WB) are standing up, speaking the truth about covid and the jabs. When people questioned the safety of the jabs, the FDA said it will take 55 years to release the data. Immediately a whistle blower stood up saying, “Here is the report”. A judge was outraged and ordered the FDA to release the report or face prosecution. From the report we see deaths and injuries higher than any previous shots. We also discover pregnant women were not tested properly, despite the safety claims!

An IT expert writing the data base for the New Zealand Ministry of Health (MOH), was very disturbed by the massive number of deaths he was recording. He informed his superiors. No response! He informed every Member of Parliament. No Response! The whistle blower then passed the info on to Steve Kirsch, statistician and inventor of the optical mouse, to double check the data. “In a multitude of counselors there is safety”. Steve analyzed the data for 2M NZ people, confirming massive death rates of 1/1,000, or 10M deaths worldwide.

Steve also informed the NZ authorities. No response! Finally in frustration, Steve wrote to the NZ authorities again saying, “Oh by the way I have the names of these two million people”. Immediately Steve got a response, the NZ whistle blower being arrested and put in prison. So much for whistle blower protection!

But the whistle blower slept well in prison. The burden had lifted, his conscience was clear. None of the person’s names have been released publicly, he had fulfilled his responsibilities with compassion and wisdom. He can rest in peace while facing charges of “Illegally taking data (it was his job therefore not illegal) and using the data for the purpose of causing harm (his purpose was to save lives not cause harm)”.

Correction: the WB was not charged with causing harm, but for making financial gains by exposing the data. The WB says this is not true.

Then another NZ whistle blower, a police Constable, spoke up saying the NZ police were required to add details about covid shots on death certificates, in May 2021. Therefore the police have the data beginning in May 2021, showing how many people died soon after getting the shots. For another 1 ½ years, New Zealand PM Arden continued saying the shots were safe, when data of 1/1,000 deaths were there in black and white.

In a dream the Holy Spirit showed me, those behind these dangerous shots will be brought down. We’ve seen Dr. Fauci, Dr. Collins and the Moderna chief leave their positions. World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Leaders PMs Boris Johnson and NZ Arden, falling in spectacular fashion. Other WEF Young Leaders, French PM Macron and Scottish PM have stepped down.

Similarly the Italian, Argentinian PMs and others are being removed, being replaced by more conservative politicians. Court cases against those involved in the death and injuries keep growing in multiple countries. I see many companies, who stood with and promoted the injustices, losing billions of dollars. One company having $1T removed from their books. Fake media are also taking a hit with ratings falling dramatically.

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) theme for 2024 is, “Rebuilding Trust”. Strangely they haven’t admitted covid was similar to the seasonal flu (Dr. Fauci emails) or said the lock downs caused massive death and destruction. Rather they want to do the same again! The WEF is also supporting Transgenderism and LGBTQ+. I’m not sure how they are going to restore trust without changing their failed policies. Time for the WEF to also go.

Pres. Trump, Gov. DeSantis and Elon Musk say it well. “These people (behind the covid response) are sick”, Pres. Trump. “What the CDC says (regarding covid and the shots) is not even worth the paper it is written on”, Gov. DeSantis. “They (WEF) are leaders no one wants to follow”, Elon Musk. Fortunately most people are not taking any more jabs. Over 49% of Americans believe there is something wrong with the shots and over 23% believe they know someone who has died from them (Rasmussen Poll Jan 2023). Now, very few people are taking the shots and even fewer parents, are letting their children take them!

Keep standing, keep speaking, keep praying, we are winning!

Love Tim & Faith

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