Resources for Effective Intercession

1. “Armour of God” by Ps. Neville Johnson

If your idea of putting on the armor of God is, “In the morning I’m going to put on my helmet of salvation, take up the shield of faith and put on the shoes of peace”, then you must read Ps. Neville’s “Armour of God”.

Most of putting on the armor of God is, DOING God’s word. I recommend Ps. Neville’s audio teaching buy


a. Armour of God download

b. Loins girt about with Truth download

2. “Rees Howells, Intercessor” by Norman Grubb

Rees Howells’ story and principles of intercession. Amazing! download

3. “Effective Intercessory Prayer” by Tim

a. “Effective Intercessory Prayer” sermon notes download

b. “Effective Intercessory Prayer” PowerPoint download

4. Warnings for New Zealand

I am proud of New Zealand’s prophets who have the courage to share what God has shown them. Several prophets had dreams and visions of earthquakes and tsunamis striking New Zealand. God showed them these disasters can be avoided if the Church walks uprightly. download

5. Overcoming sin and weaknesses

New foundations 1 download

6. David Wilkerson

Emergency food plan download