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Passover is such an extremely important time prophetically, I decided to write one more newsletter. God has given so many signs to confirm what the Prophets are saying.

We have a plague like in Egypt, a devil keeping us in bondage like Pharaoh, a Passover where everyone is indoors like in Goshen, Jesus our deliver like Moses and a lock-down where we can spend time with God like in the wilderness.

Whoever has eyes, let them see what the Spirit is doing in the Body of Christ.

First we empathize with those who have lost family and friends from Covid-19. This is a very difficult time for many so let us do all we can to help and pray for those affected. God is our healer.

Last week I was contemplating Passover and wondering if this is a time for the Body of Christ to come out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. That morning Chuck Pierce prophesied, the next forty nine days is a time for Christians to move forward and go through the wilderness. (See prophecy below) Chuck’s prophecy confirms my thoughts, the Holy Spirit is leading his people out of Egypt and into the Promised Land!

Christians throughout the world are in lock-down, giving us time to make this journey. Israel declared a curfew forbidding everyone, Jew and Gentile, from going outside! God gave us this sign, encouraging our faith and confirming what the Prophets are saying.

Do not neglect this opportunity but spend this time, seeking the Lord and obeying him. The Holy Spirit will lead us through the wilderness into our Promised Land.

We are all different, have different problems and calls, so the Holy Spirit will speak to each person differently. The key is to keep close to God and obey him, put off all the sins and weights which hold us down, persevering until we have overcome. In our last newsletter (“Your Turning Point”) Chuck Pierce gave specific instructions from the Lord on how to overcome so review those prophecies over these forty days. (correction it should read 43 days. Pentecost is fifty days after Passover which was April 8th, according to the Jewish calendar) These prophecies will help keep you focused, feel strengthened and encouraged.

Christians who have already come into the Promised Land will have greater responsibilities, leading, helping and praying for others to come through. The night of Passover, the Holy Spirit gave me a dream enlarging my responsibilities. The Holy Spirit also showed me an area where I have backslidden and some small foxes which will spoil the vine. Our goal is to become like Christ so let’s not settle for anything less.

The next forty three days, until Pentecost, are both important and urgent. The most important thing now, for the Body of Christ, is to come through the wilderness. Covid-19 and our nations are important but not as important as our wilderness journey. Be careful of being distracted by the less important and lose focus of the most important. Keep praying for Covid-19 and our economies but keep focused on Christ.

The Passover is a picture type of our salvation. The wilderness journey is a type of following Christ until we come into our inheritance. In Egypt, Israel was in bondage to Pharaoh. At Passover, Israel slaughtered a lamb and put the blood on the door posts. When the angel of death passed through Egypt, everyone in the house was safe.

The Passover is a type of Christ, our sacrificial lamb. His body was broken for us and his blood shed for us. Therefore through Christ’s death and resurrection we have the gift of eternal life and deliverance from the bondage of sin. If we do sin the blood cleanses us from all sin, God’s judgement passing over us.

Until we have faith in this truth, we cannot grow. Faith in Christ and his blood, is our first step out of bondage.

Can we sin all the more that grace may abound? God forbid! In the wilderness God tested Israel to strengthen them so they could stand in the Land. Testing in the wilderness strengthens us, building character so we can overcome the giants. Neglect this step and we fail.

There were ten tests in the wilderness; fornication, idolatry which is covetousness, rebellion, obedience, a simple diet, complaining, faith etc. Ephesians 2-5 teaches us further steps in our journey through the wilderness. Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount taught other areas in which we must change; being a peacemaker, loving our enemies, not loving the world, praying, giving offerings, etc. In Ephesians Paul taught the thief how to overcome, “Steal no more, go get a job and out of your provision give to others!”

Sadly, Israel did not pass their tests and the first generation died in the wilderness. Sin and disobedience disqualified them from coming into God’s blessings. God then initiated plan B raising up their children, bringing them into their inheritance.

The last test for Israel was faith. Everything we do, we start from a place of faith because of what Jesus has done. We all have the grace to overcome, so be strong in faith (“Faith the assurance of things hoped for!”) and keep focused on Jesus. When I doubt or waver, I spend time praying in tounges and immediately sense my faith rising, Jude 20.

I was very encouraged to hear Chuck Pierce declaring victory for New Zealand and Malaysia. Both are sitting on the edge of the cliff, New Zealand morally and Malaysia politically. This is the year of the mouth so use the Sword of the Spirit (“Armour of God” study) to declare victory in all areas of your life and nation.

Chuck Pierce also mentions the passivity teaching of Calvinism. We must not think, if it is God’s will it will happen or like New Zealanders who say, “She’ll be right mate!” This is not true. Most of the time the Lord moves through godly people, not sovereignly. Hyper-grace and extreme mercy also prevent us from having victory.

Hyper-grace teaches, God will deliver us from all our sins, we do not have to do anything. This is not true. We must love God with all our strength, Mark 12:30, putting off sin and doing what Jesus would do. Some sins however, God will deliver us sovereignly.

Extreme mercy teaches God will always give me another chance no matter how many times I fail. This is not true. God is merciful but Judas failed God and was cut off. Jesus warned the Apostles about people who call him Lord, but live in sin. He said those Christians will be rejected on judgment day so let us be quick to repent. (Derek Prince) If we fail to overcome, God will disqualify us from coming into the Promised Land like Israel, 1 Corinthians 10:1-15.

I strongly recommend Derek Prince’s “Foundation Series” teaching on YouTube. Derek Prince rightly divides the word of truth and his life is a testimony of this teaching. So be careful of leaven that leavens the whole lump. If you have fallen for these errors, gird up your loins, put your trust in God’s mercy and keep persevering. He will bring you through.

Therefore during these forty three days, until Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is going to lead us through the wilderness. We will be tempted in different ways, giving us an opportunity to overcome. The Holy Spirit may remind us of past sins we have not overcome. He may call us to obey him in some way. Whatever the Holy Spirit calls us to do, do it. Be strong in faith declaring you have overcome!

When Jesus came out of the wilderness he came out in power of the Holy Spirit. In “Our Story”, I wrote about the importance of overcoming and how the power of the Holy Spirit grew after obeying God and overcoming sin. When the Body of Christ come out of the wilderness, nations will change, Covid-19 will reduce and economies will roar!

Let’s be praying for each other. This will not be an easy time as we plow our way forward but we can all make it and be victorious. God is going to do amazing things in our lives and our nation. Let’s be strong in faith.

Your fellow pilgrims

Love Tim & Faith

  1. Chuck Pierce Passover replays

Replays from Glory of Zion which share excellent prophecies and messages which help us to cross over. Click here

  1. Chuck Pierce prophecy and Passover

“Spirit of God said that this would be the year that we would really have to understand Passover.

He said: Plague-like conditions would hit the earth, and February, March and April would be Hellish. But He was looking at nations to see which nations “PASSED OVER.” I then began to see that the real issue would be an “economic rearrangement” throughout the world.

I see that if we celebrate and honor His Blood, the death structure that is gripping these nations will shift at Passover. I see that the death toll in nations that celebrate and honor His Blood and acknowledge Him, will start decreasing after Passover.

But remember, once the Israelites passed over, they still had “40 days” to press through into their promise. They had great problems during that 40-day period and it postponed their promise for 40 years. (Tim: The first generation died in the wilderness because of their sin and disobedience. God then brought their children into the Promised Land)

I decree that during this 40-day period—there will be no postponement. This is exactly what the Spirit of God said to me and what I have been saying since September.

Take heart—we will make it through!”


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