Justice denied!

“Justice delayed is justice denied”, former Senator Trey Gowdy. For years people died, were maimed and disabled from asbestos, DDT, tobacco, industrial waste and Thalidomide. It took governments, health officials and medical experts years to admit these harmful substances are causing damage. History is repeating itself with the Covid jabs.

Looking at official, publicly available data such as Dr. Fauci’s emails, the US patent office, the FDA report and the CDC report, we gain a clear picture of what is happening with these jabs. We know from Dr. Fauci’s email, he lied to Congress and the world, exaggerating the deadliness of Covid. Dr. Fauci’s emails, and research in February 2020, show fatalities are similar to a severe flu.

Based on Dr. Fauci’s lie and advice, countries locked down destroying their economies and businesses, with suicide and substance abuse skyrocketing. There were also tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths from preventing cheap treatments and the following jabs.

From the US Patent Office we see the virus and shots were patented by the bio-weapons department, before the outbreak began (Robert Kennedy Jnr “The Real Anthony Fauci”). The FDA report, completed in February 2021, shows the shots to be the most deadly ever manufactured. They were ten times more deadly than any previous shots, then were forced on billions of people! Are these shots causing the huge increases of excess deaths?

Then the CDC’s six month long research, completed a little later showing, the serious side effect myocarditis could be long term. Despite the clear evidence, authorities and companies continue pushing the jabs.

It is always wise to get a second opinion. When people say they are the “Source of all truth” (New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern), alarm bells should go off. We know they are not telling the truth, you know they have an agenda. No one has all the truth and second opinions are safe.

Sen. Ron Johnson got “A second opinion” (available on Rumble) from a wide range of health experts. These experts explained, with evidence, why the shots were dangerous and would not protect from Covid. The shots would not protect because the virus had already mutated. They also exposed many of the lies surrounding Covid and the shots. Of course Dr. Fauci and his boss Dr. Collins were invited, but declined. I wonder why?

Another bombshell is, Dr. Fauci trying to deceive the courts over children’s placebo testing. Robert Kennedy Jnr sued the US government because there have been no proper, three yearlong placebo testing, of children’s shots. There are almost 70 children’s shots approved in the States, so surely they must have been properly tested?

Dr. Fauci wheeled his filing cabinet into court, rummaging through the files, but in the end got frustrated saying, “I can’t find the papers, I’ll get them to you”. Dr. Fauci never did, then after one year the government admitted, no shots have been properly tested (Robert Kennedy Jnr). Just imagine the dishonesty of all this! This is unbelievable. This is people’s health we are talking about and for children, damaging their health for life.

By the grace of God, there is a placebo group of sorts, the Amish community. Steve Kirsch, billionaire businessman, left his business to help solve the Covid crisis and researched the Amish community. They do not take any jabs. Steve found Covid deaths in the Amish community, 90 times less than the average American.

More astoundingly are the stats for children’s ADHD. Sixty years ago ADHD was 1/10,000 among children. Now it is 1/36!! Imagine that? For every 36 children, one child has ADHD! (Robert Kennedy Jnr) This is shocking. Among the Amish community of 90,000, the rate of ADHD is zero (Steve Kirsch). Robert Kennedy Jnr says, parents have noticed their children’s behaviour changing after taking some shots.

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the shots cause ADHD because there is no placebo. But the Amish community is overwhelming evidence saying, stop giving the shots and do proper testing. I wonder if authorities will stop, or do parents and children have to wait another ten years?

I am shocked by the multitude of lies worldwide, by people in authority. Dr. Fauci is not the only person. BFarma, BTec, FMedia, Pres. Trump advisor Brix (Lawyer Renz), British MP Hanncock have all been accused of lying. Pres. Trump is grieved saying, “These people (behind the jabs) are sick!” Gov. DeSantis says, “What the CDC says, is not worth the paper it is written on”. Gov DeSantis is passing legislation to prevent such abuse and inhuman practices, from happening again. A serious indictment of departments we need to trust.

Other organizations are now discredited and people are rejecting the shots, finding alternative outlets for their advice, remedies and news. I recommend the World Council of Health, Robert Kennedy Jnr and Dr. Peter McCullough for health advice. They have been right on many of the above points.

Some believe the current health organizations need to be replaced because they have become too corrupt. Law suits are mounting in multiple countries; Britain, the US, Germany, New Zealand and others. I think Gov. DeSantis’s case against Pfizer, J&J and Moderna, for false “safe and effective” advertising, has the best chance of winning. This is a civil case, therefore only requires a 50% chance of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt (Dr. Fuellmich).

In a dream the Holy Spirit showed me, everyone behind the Covid jabs and their implementation, will be brought down (see video “Covid’s End“). PM Boris Johnson and PM Jacinda Arden (NZ) came down in spectacular fashion. Other national leaders, who pushed mandates, have been voted out. One company, financing some of these operations, lost $1T almost overnight. Dr. Fauci quickly left office, when evidence emerged of his connections to the bio-weapons program (Lawyer Renz).

I continue to declare justice toward all those who knowingly produced and forced these shots on people, who out of greed pushed the shots or turned a blind eye. All are culpable. God is a just God, and it pains him to bring justice but I pray justice comes swiftly, “Justice delayed is justice denied”.

Your justice warriors
Tim & Faith

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