Good people doing nothing!

February 5, 2024 Tim 0

As Nazis swept across Europe, many Germans and Poles had deep regrets. They knew something was not right when Jews were put into gulags, for […]

Righteous anger

September 28, 2022 Tim 0

Some Christians take truths to an extreme. One extreme, which is doing serious damage, is pacifism! Jesus got a whip, driving the money changers out […]

Taking the land part 2

August 10, 2021 Tim 0

The previous newsletter shared about taking the land. The most important part of taking the land is, taking the land of our heart. Imitating Christ […]

Charity begins at home

April 30, 2021 Tim 0

Paul taught, if we do not provide for our families we are worse than infidels. “Our Sory” begins at home, touches the church and is […]

The media mountain

March 23, 2021 Tim 0

Far left political parties know the power of controlling the media. It is one of three mountains which can transform a nation. Eighty percent of […]

The Seven Mountains

January 1, 2021 Tim 0

Some Christians believe the church should not be involved in politics. Dutch Sheets shares the biblical principles of Christians in politics. We break all wrong […]

The Hezekiah Miracle Moment

September 16, 2020 Tim 0

Dear Intercessors,Ps. Frank Amedia has a word, God will do something miraculous over the next few weeks that the whole world will know is God. […]