The Hezekiah Miracle Moment

Dear Intercessors,
Ps. Frank Amedia has a word, God will do something miraculous over the next few weeks that the whole world will know is God. Many prophets have similar words for this time. Ps. Frank calls this a Hezekiah Miracle Moment.

Hezekiah lost all the battles until the very last one. With Jerusalem surrounded and about to fall the word of the Lord came, tomorrow you will be delivered. It was miraculous, Hezekiah was delivered in a day.

Ps. Frank was listening to the DNC conference when Joe Biden said, “Trump is waiting for a miracle to end covid-19 but there will be no miracle!” Ps. Frank shot out of bed and declared, “I rebuke those words, I believe in miracles”.

Then the Lord said, “Son declare it, you have been asking for more specificity what I told you I would do, in this season, in this hour, late in this time as we enter into this time of Sukkoth(2nd to 9th October), I am about to do a miracle!”

Ps. Frank also had a vision of President Trump up to his neck in the Washington DC swamp. Since Trump ran for President, he has been under constant attack from the DC swamp and fake media. During the month of September, God is going to deliver him from the swamp. This will be something to celebrate.

We do not know what miracle is going to happen but many are fasting and praying for this time.

This week is Rosh Hashanah, 18th to 20th September, the beginning of the Jewish new year. I encourage intercessors to join Ps. Frank with fasting and prayer from 16th to 22nd September.

Let’s declare and believe for a miracle.

Your miracle believers
Love Tim & Faith

Ps. Frank Amedia urges you “PUSH IT THRU” A HEZEKIAN MIRACLE IS COMING! (watch video)


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