New Zealand’s direction

September 21, 2022 Tim 0

New Zealand’s condition continues to be serious, with increasing poverty and suffering if the country does not change direction. Whenever Israel went into sin, poverty […]

Deaths from the jab skyrocketing

July 22, 2022 Tim 0

One statistic Governments cannot hide is, excess deaths. Every death is recorded and statistics show massive increases, during rollouts of the jabs and boosters, in […]

Cooling down the scare tactics

June 8, 2022 Tim 0

Guy Hatchard writes a true, thought provoking article on the fear and anxiety caused by people in authority. Responsible and effective leaders provide positive environments […]

Excess mortality down under

June 3, 2022 Tim 0

An important and well thought out analysis of excess deaths in NZ in 2021. Remember the VAERS system shows, 80% of deaths occurring within one […]

NZ stats confirm vaxd most at risk

April 18, 2022 Tim 0

On the 31st March 2022 something important happened regarding New Zealand hospitalisation rates. This video updates who’s getting Covid and who isn’t, and shares hot […]

Ambulance figures do not lie

February 15, 2022 Tim 0

St John’s ambulance figures from NZ show many vaccine injuries are serious. Why does PM Jacinda Arden continue to lie saying vaccines are safe. DailyTelegraph: […]