Trumping the extreme left again

Another lefty down. In Rowde Island a Republican looks set to turn RI blue to red.

When the righteous rule the People rejoice.

We see the same pattern happening in NZ where right wing people slaughtered the ruling extremist party. In NZ’s two largest cities the ruling Labour Mayoral candidates lost with less than half to one third of the votes! Astounding losses.

Remember it’s not about the Politics, it’s not about the Person, it’s about the Purposes of God.

Keep declaring all election fraudsters be indicted, rightful winners of 2020 elections installed, election integrity and democracy restored, RHINOS repent or be removed, all cheating stopped and honest 2022 midterms

NORTH SCITUATE, R.I. – EXCLUSIVE: As he aims to do what no Republican has done in more than three decades, Allan Fung highlights his independence from GOP leadership.
The latest sign Fung may be successful in flipping the seat – a Suffolk University poll for the Boston Globe released on Tuesday indicated the GOP nominee with an eight-point lead over Democratic State Treasurer Seth Magaziner, in the race to succeed retiring Democratic Rep. Jim Langevin, who’s held the seat for over two decades.

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