Exposing the Truth About Dr. Anthony Fauci

Remember, all of this destruction happened because of a virus as strong as a severe flu, with a death rate of 0.01%(Dr. Fauci)

For the sake of your families health, you must read Robert Kennedy Jnr’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci “. He shows with proof from medical journals, the unethical and dangerous practices of institutions we used to trust. Disclaimer: I am not getting any money from this promotion, I just want to protect your health.

Keep declaring Governments stop lying and acknowledge the truth, end lock downs, end mandates and drop the passports, the People stand up speaking the truth to their Government officials and media, all responsible for these dangerous injections and crimes against humanity be brought to justice

Campaign Story

At the start of 2020, the institutions we trusted to protect our rights pivoted in a lockstep assault against free speech and personal freedoms.

Mass public health experiments were forced upon shell-shocked citizens with a novel, shoddily tested and improperly licensed technology so risky that manufacturers refused to produce it unless every government on Earth shielded them from liability.

What followed were mandated vaccinations of our children, lockdowns that destroyed businesses, families, and lives, and unprecedented intrusions into privacy that disrupted our most treasured social and family relationships.

In his bestselling book, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. details how one dominating figure—Dr. Anthony Fauci—set this perilous course leading to the effective collapse of liberal democracy worldwide.


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