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Now we have original data from the FDA, CDC and Pfizer, we find Dr. McCullough’s worst fears of a biological disaster is being confirmed. At times it is difficult to face facts, so we must be like the Bereans who searched the scriptures day and night to see if what Paul was saying is true.

Non Covid deaths(correction, all cause death. Non Covid deaths have increased 30-40% according to one American Insurance CEO) are increasing over 15%, 56% in Iceland. Fertility rates are dropping over 15% with 75% in Australia! We are witnessing massive changes in population numbers in highly jabbed countries while infections, hospitalisation and deaths continue to rise. According to WHO, in May 2022 Africa has nine Covid infections and no deaths in Uganda and Kenya, despite a low 14% jab rate. The contrast in numbers show clearly, proven pandemic responses are the most effective, jabs and lock downs are the most destructive.

The FDA documents show the Covid jabs have a twelve times higher death rate compared to previous products deemed too dangerous for use. The side effects on pregnant women was never proven. How can Pfizer and the FDA approve such products? CDC data shows the serious side effects, myocarditis and pericarditis, are long term. Both tried to hide all this data from the public. This is an outrage.

Pfizer now reveals, to the EU Parliament, they never tested to see if the jab prevented infection! So Governments and BigFarma knew all this and locked down, destroying their economies and forcing everyone to take the most dangerous jab which they knew did not work! The EU Parliament is demanding their money back.

Praise be to God the wheels are falling off the v@xine bus, (watch video “Covid’s End”). Less than 10% of Americans are taking the latest jab and even fewer children. Parents are not risking their children’s health. Gov. DeSantis of Florida, Dr. Fuellmich of California, the AAPS and British doctors are suing their Governments, BigFarma, NGOs and health officials over these products.

The jabs have been proven by Swedish scientists to permanently alter our DNA so really, God is our only hope, (watch video “God our only hope”). God was gracious towards us, healing me from myocarditis and Faith from neurological damage. This is the churches time to rise up and pray for healing of those suffering from injuries. The good news is, this is all coming to an end. In a dream the Holy Spirit showed me, those involved in this destruction will be brought down.

Sadly health authorities are blaming current sicknesses and injuries on Covid, so it is important to get a second opinion, (watch video Sen. Johnson “A Second Opinion”) . Dr. John Campbell cleverly points out, people dying from Covid in 2020 have gone, therefore we should see a reduction in deaths in 2021 and 2022, not an increase as authorities are claiming. So find doctors who understand jab and Covid injuries, then you will get the proper treatment. I strongly recommend Robert Kennedy’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci” for a clear explanation of all this. He has links to the original data so you can prove what he says is true.

Above all, pray and ask the Lord to guide you. He promises to guide us.

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