December 31, 2022 Tim 0

It’s a new platform under Elon. I call it “TruthTwitter”. Praise God for someone who still has some common sense and courage to stand for […]

Original data

December 28, 2022 Tim 0

Now we have original data from the FDA, CDC and Pfizer, we find Dr. McCullough’s worst fears of a biological disaster is being confirmed. At […]

Covids end

December 26, 2022 Tim 0

Omicron is bringing the pandemic to an end. There have been no other variants in 1 year and the current strains of Omicron are very […]

A second opinion

December 24, 2022 Tim 0

When getting advice from doctors it is always best to get a second opinion. Chinese say, check the price of three shops! Very wise. For […]

Falling Fauci

December 16, 2022 Tim 0

In a dream the Holy Spirit showed me, people behind the lockdowns and jabs will be brought down. FoxNews, Robert Kennedy Jnr, Dr. McCullough and […]

Keep declaring mandates end

December 9, 2022 Tim 0

Sen. Johnson is doing a great job informing government and the People, of the dangerous jabs. Gov DeSantis is prosecuting BigPharma for false claims of […]

“I don’t recall!” Fauci

December 7, 2022 Tim 0

He has been nicknamed flip flop Fauci for his oftentimes flip flopping on masks and other pandemic responses. Now “Mr. Science” says he can’t recall […]

Maricopa malfeasance

December 7, 2022 Tim 0

At 7pm in one polling booth, 500 people out of 650 turned around and went home because the voting machines didn’t work! Most of these […]