The leftist fearmongers

July 7, 2022 Tim 0

Remember Fauci’s email said, “Covid has a death rate of 0.1%” which is equivalent to a severe flu season. Every nine years the world experiences […]

Media lost public trust

July 6, 2022 Tim 0

Americans no longer trust mainstream media especially CNN, MSNBC, CBS and others. The People have woken up, realising the lies and half truths fake media […]

God is exposing

May 19, 2022 Tim 0

Elon is wanting an open and transparent platform for the People to discuss and share their thoughts. He asked Twitter for the data behind the […]

Freedom with Elon

April 26, 2022 Tim 0

Several years ago, God said he will turn the media around. People are astounded by the amount of fake media, including social media. Imagine de-platforming […]

Omicron cases milder than Delta

December 2, 2021 Tim 0

Dr. McCullough followed the science predicting Delta would be weaker than Alpha. He says the Omicron variant will be weaker than previous variants because the […]

More congrats to the righteous

November 5, 2021 Tim 0

The Democrat’s name stinks in America. Their so called President is sworn at and mocked, 56% of Americans believe Democrats stole the 2020 election and […]

Is this CDC disinformation?

November 5, 2021 Tim 0

Early in the pandemic CDC research said, 70% of hospital cases were always masked and 14% nearly always masked. Their conclusion, masks are not effective. […]