Media lost public trust

Americans no longer trust mainstream media especially CNN, MSNBC, CBS and others. The People have woken up, realising the lies and half truths fake media have been pushing.

The biggest shift came after the Mueller investigation when the People realised Trump/Russia collusion was all a hoax! MSNBC’s Maddock lost 500,000 viewers overnight. Recently CNN+ could not even raise over 10,000 subscribers, so closed. Humiliating for them both.

People want to know the truth, so channels like FoxNews continue to grow. We must also be the light and keep speaking the truth, even if it means suffering.

Keep declaring fake media fall, turn and tell the truth as God prophesied “The moguls have fallen!” (Christy Johnston), “CNN will have no choice but to say what God wants to say!” (the late Kim Clement)

FoxNews: Media cannot serve as a ‘mouthpiece’ if it hopes to win back Americans’ trust: Kim Strassel

Kim Strassel, a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, joins ‘Sunday Night in America’ to discuss what today’s media is getting right and wrong.

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