The Mueller Movie

It is now clearer than ever, a small group of bias prosecutors tried very hard to find collusion and obstruction but could not. Cindy Jacobs prophesied, the Mueller investigation will hang “The Deep State” on their own gallows! Our prayers are of great effect, the Mueller movie was one more step toward the gallows.

Most people don’t read books so the Democrats wanted a movie everyone could watch. The Democrats hoped the Mueller hearing would bring to life a very poorly written and at times contradictory report. However the movie exposed huge weaknesses in Mueller’s investigation.

Anti-Trump McCaskill said “Democrats failed to bring the Russia issue “to life,” Anti-Trump NBC said “the “optics” were a “disaster”” and FoxNews Wallace said “I think this has been a disaster for the Democrats and I think it’s been a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller” and the very anti-Trump film maker Mike Moore tweeted, “A frail old man, unable to remember things, stumbling, refusing to answer basic questions.”

It was clear Mueller did not write his report, overturned 250 years of American law, did not know key points, contradicted the report several times and made a complete mess of the critical OLC question. For a person who was in charge of the most important Presidential investigation in recent history, this is absolutely shocking. He has seriously damaged his reputation and done great damage to the Democrats in the public’s eyes. Cindy Jacobs prophecy is coming to pass.

Former Senator Trey Gowdy said the key question to ask Mueller is, “Did the OLC prevent you from making a decision on obstruction of justice?” Mueller said “No” three times, in front of witnesses, to AG Barr! Saying “no the OLC did not affect the decision” means, Mueller does not have enough evidence to recommend indicting Trump. However, later in his press conference he implicated otherwise. Gowdy said if Mueller fumbles the OLC question, the obstruction argument against Trump would finally be closed.

In the hearing, to everyone’s surprise, Mueller said “Yes!” (the OLC prevented me from making a decision on obstruction) Later Mueller retracted that statement and said, “We did not make a determination on culpability (crime committed on evidence of obstruction)” as in his report. Trey Gowdy says, lawyers usually say things like that when they don’t have enough evidence.

Clearly Mueller is sitting on the fence over this issue and not making a decision. Lawyers from both sides of the fence believe there is not enough evidence to indict Trump. Mueller has left the collusion question open! AG Barr believes Mueller could have made a decision.

I believe Mueller (or should we say the Mueller team) is making a political decision so the collusion argument can keep going, putting Trump in a bad light for the 2020 election. We saw him put Trump in a bad light, making negative comments just before an important EU conference and the Vietnam summit with Kim. It appears Mueller is making this investigation political, to damage Trump.

Next Mueller overturned the 250 year old law, “A person is innocent until proven guilty”. Nowhere in court or legal materials, is the word exonerated used. No judge can exonerate. no jury can exonerate and certainly not prosecutor Mueller. When asked, “Is there anywhere in court where a person has been exonerated?” Mueller answered “I can not … but it is a unique situation.”

Absolutely shocking for someone in his position, without any legal authority, overturning 250 years of law. Innocent until proven guilty is a key to bringing justice and should never be changed. Only banana republics do that. Mueller that is reprehensible. Next Mifsud!

Mifsud is connected to the American government and possibly an agent. Mifsud told Papadopoulos, Trump campaign worker, he has dirt on Clinton. Papadopoulos told the Australian ambassador, the ambassador told the FBI, the FBI began investigating Papadopoulos ending in his prison sentence. When Mifsud was questioned by the FBI, he lied three times but was not prosecuted.

Sen Jordon asked Mueller, why was Mifsud not prosecuted? Manafort, Flynn and Cohen were prosecuted or imprisoned for lying, why not Mifsud! Mueller said, “I’m not going into that!” I smell a rat! Was this a set up by Mifsud and “The Deep State”? Then there is the Russian lawyer.

A Russian lawyer offered Trump Junior dirt on Clinton, but also spoke to Fusion GPS the day before and the day after Trump Junior’s meeting. Fusion GPS was the company paid by Clinton and the Democratic National Committee to get dirt on Trump. When Mueller was asked if he interviewed the Russian lawyer, Mueller said it was out of his purview (out of the scope of his investigation)!

God opened Mueller’s mouth and let out a damming admission about his investigation. Therefore Mueller investigated Trump associates who were offered dirt by Russians but did not investigate Clinton and Democratic National Committee who were paying for dirt from Russians. Or was this a set up by Fusion GPS, like Papadopoulos? It certainly appears Mueller’s purview were only Russians, Trump and Trump associates but not Democrats (one Democrat was indicted but Clinton, the DNC and Mifsud were not). This is shocking.

Senators Nunes, Jordon, Gaetz, Gomert and others were very firm and at times forceful with Mueller. The Holy Spirit gave me a dream showing, those responsible for catching and bringing to justice “The Deep State” were being too timid. “The Deep State” will get away with their crimes if authorities are not focused and determined. Praise God for these Senators who spoke up boldly, courageously and clearly. They did a great job.

I could say a lot more about the movie, but the OLC mess, overturning 250 years of law, of Mueller’s purview and Mifsud’s involvement, are four key things American people are now aware of! Thank you Democrats for the movie, the message certainly got out. You are helping hang “The Deep State”.

I am praying, lies Democrats made during and after the hearing will be exposed! Jay Seklow, ACLJ, has proof of many lies! Nadler, Pelosi and others are now using the exoneration word. This has also got to stop. AG Barr and prosecutor Durham are investigating the FISA warrant and origins of the Russia collusion investigation. The investigators are now being investigated. The truth will come out.

Cindy Jacobs also had a vision, when water in the Washington swamp got low, the swamp creatures began fighting amoung themselves. We have seen Brennan, Lynch, Comey, Strzok and others accusing and blaming each other over the Russia Trump collusion. We are near the end of the most shocking abuse of power in American history so let’s be encouraged.

The end of this sickening saga is nearly over. Do not stop praying America, and do not waver in faith. The Lord is with you and promises to deliver you from “The Deep State”, if you do not stop praying!

Standing with you all

God Bless

Love Tim & Faith


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