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It was very quiet in our house last week! After spending so much time interceding for the mid-Terms, we were very disappointed there was no Red Wave. There were many prophetic words; Mark Taylor, Mike Thompson, Kat Kerr, Charles Shamp, Hank Kunneman and others. Charles Shamp’s word of 60 Republicans in the Senate did not happen and only 51 seats were won. Arizona and Florida are facing recounts and Mississippi a runoff. Twenty plus seats were lost in the House!

Although there was no Red Wave the results are the best for a sitting President in the last 100 years! (results continue to come in so now this is not the best in 100 years but still far better than Obama and Clinton) That is worth celebrating however with a likely 51/49 (now 52/48 where Rick Scott is almost certain to win Florida) in the Senate, it is going to be difficult for Trump to continue the great progress made in the last two years. What happened to the Senate and the Red Wave? Why did the Republicans lose the House?

I don’t believe the Prophets got it wrong so after examining different explanations I will try and make some sense of what is happening. Mike Thompson and Johnny Enlow have explained their Red Wave prophecies were not waves of Republicans. I checked through their words and although they mention Republicans and the elections, their understanding of a Red Wave is a wave of righteousness and God’s forgiveness towards America. I can accept their interpretation.

The best person to interpret a prophecy is the person who received it, not others. Often, God uses images and phrases familiar to the Prophet but not familiar to others. We also have personal filters when reading other people’s prophecies so can interpret wrongly. I wrongly quoted Mike and Johnny’s words, sorry guys.

Mark Taylor, who prophesied a Red Wave of Republicans in the Senate and House, has checked his guidance and stands by it. His explanation is, now is not the time for this to be fulfilled. He says the prophecy will be fulfilled when people are indicted, convicted and removed from office. Sessions has been removed as Attorney General so convictions are now possible. I have written, in “The Deep State” newsletters about corruption in Government, DOJ and FBI, so election related convictions are also possible. The AG is the person responsible to investigate and prosecute government.

Mark Taylor also prophesied widespread voter fraud, which is very possible in Florida. With 78,000 ballots (latest count 83,000) found after the legal closing time, many of these ballots could be frauds! Other boxes of ballots have been found lying around in different places. An undercover reporter recorded a Texas organiser saying, “They have Tons of DACA immigrants vote (this is illegal, only citizens are allowed to vote)”. Trump has opened a commission to investigate voter fraud in all States. Good idea! When fraud is exposed expect to see many in Congress stepping down and a Red Wave come.

Charles Shamp was contacted, asked about his prophecy and if he still feels there would be a Red Wave? Charles replied saying, he checked his guidance and believes he is correct and the Red Wave will come. It can be very unsettling when God gives us words that don’t happen. I remember the Holy Spirit giving me a dream about a man. He told people his wife had left him. Several of us reached out to the wife and tried to encourage her back but she denied it saying, she left to study. In the dream the Holy Spirit showed me “The man was not taking his wife with him!” I shared this with him and suddenly he reacted, “Who told you?” For a long time I could not understand the dream because it was opposite to what was happening and what the man was telling us. Presently he moved house and did not take his wife with him! Then I understood the dream. Charles believes the Red Wave will come. God has not revealed the details but he is clear about the word. Let’s keep praying!

Let’s keep praying!

Kat Kerr also asked God about the Red Wave. God said it will come. Then she prophesied again saying, there are Democrats in the Senate and House who will side with Republicans on some issues. (Kat knows Democrats who do not support abortion and not all Democrats are extreme left) Kat’s explanation is credible and within the scope of her prophecy.

I don’t have specific guidance why the Red Wave did not happen but I trust Charles Shamp, Mark Taylor, Kat Kerr, Hank Kunneman and others. I don’t believe they could have all made a mistake otherwise they would have said so. What I do know, the Holy Spirit has burdened my heart to keep praying for a Red Wave. I will continue proclaiming a Red Wave for America. The other night the Holy Spirit burdened me to keep praying against fraud. I spent most of the night praying and I believe fraud will be exposed.

Faith saw a gavel coming down, proclaiming judgement on fraudulent votes and voters. With Whitaker as the new AG, justice will be done. I could not understand why Sessions allowed the FISA fiasco and the Mueller collusion investigation to continue. They are obviously frauds, and Clinton’s e-mail! Don’t get me started, I could go on and on about the injustices committed but now I see light at the end of the tunnel. How and when fraud will be exposed we do not know, but it will happen. Let’s be strong in faith!

It is times like this, when we know in part, that we must keep close to God, be honest with ourselves and careful of our guidance. We can make mistakes. Most of my mistakes are wrongly interpreting the dream or vision. We must be brutally honest with ourselves so we can grow and not pollute the prophetic. These few days have been difficult because the prophecies seemed confusing and contradictory. Sometimes it can be like that. There are also contradictory prophecies in the Bible. It is only after the event we fully understand what God said. Where does that leave the intercessors?

We intercede and sense the burden lift then we find another mountain in front of us!

I have shared before that some intercessions are complex, like climbing a mountain. We are led by the Holy Spirit to intercede, we intercede and sense the burden lift then we find another mountain in front of us. This is what is happening with the Red Wave!

When we interceded for the Malaysian elections, Mahathir won but then there was a long delay making the announcement. We joined with others and continued to pray into the early hours of the morning. In the early hours it was official, Mahathir had won. The following day however there was another crisis! The King did not install Mahathir as planned. We continued praying and proclaiming Mahathir as PM. After much delay, Mahathir was installed. However the drama did not end!

In the State of Sabah, announcements of victory by both parties went back and forth. Several years earlier the Holy Spirit gave me a burden to pray for justice in Sabah. Corruption was rife and they were being cheated out of income, from their natural resouces, to which they were entitled. Immediately we went back into intercession for Sabah, to ensure Mahathir’s government would win. We did not want Najib’s corrupt people back. Several days later it was announced Mahathir’s party had won Sabah and they were installed!

What if we had stopped praying when Mahathir was installed? What if we had given up? What if we doubted God’s promise? Clearly Sabah would continue in corruption and injustice. The Malaysian election was complex with many mountains to climb until we conquered the last mountain Sabah, Luke 18. So when prophecies seem contradictory or confusing, keep praying for the last clear word God gave you. Further guidance will come to bring clarity and success in your intercession.

Which mid-Term prayers have been answered? Republicans won the Senate avoiding persecution of the Church, Chuck Pierce. Intercessors stood in the gap for the Church to turn back to God so God would move, “Giants will Fall” conference. Although there was no Red Wave, we clearly see God moving with the best result, by a sitting President, in the last 100 years(updates to the results show this is not the best in 100 years) and Republicans kept the Senate! That is amazing and I think we can claim an answer to prayer that God moved mightily. Where ever Trump went, votes went up about ten points. Republicans and Christians went out and voted in record numbers but we could not claim that as an answer, Democrats also went out in record numbers.

I wonder how many Christians were praying, “On election day let the opposition’s wheels go heavy!” Rick Joyner says pacifist theology has caused great damage in the world. I agree. Jesus was not a pacifist. There were times Jesus brought peace and was peaceful, another time he got out a whip so let’s rightly divide the word of truth. Once we are out of balance we lose the battle. If only 5% fewer Democrats went out and voted, Republicans would have won Arizona, Florida and Mississippi and there would be 54/46 in the Senate. That’s getting close to a Red Wave. (results show Orange or Osceola Counties didn’t have a good turnout so that has helped Rick Scott’s chance in Florida. Rick is now very likely to win Florida making 52/48 in the Senate) So let’s adjust our thinking on being pacifists, we are fighting for the soul of a nation.

On reflection, I feel some of our prayers focused on the wrong thing at the wrong time. Lance Wallnau says the Republicans and Christians did not mobilise enough people in the urban areas so lost the House. We should have started praying for the Republicans strategy much earlier. (update: Rick Joyner said if 1% more Christians went out and voted the results would have been different. I ask, “What if all the Christians went out and voted!”, which they should have done, there would have been a Red Wave. I am shocked. The people who are the light and salt of the nation did not even bother to go out and make a difference in their country.

Now what do we have? Obstruction, delay and opposition to the country moving forward. All this could have been avoided if the Christians had gone out and voted. For 2020 I will be praying until the Holy Spirit gives me a promise, “All Christians go out and vote”. With the rise in socialism, the need for more righteous governance becomes increasingly vital)

The Red Wave? The job is not over, there are still mountains to climb. The Holy Spirit has given me three burdens: “The Deep State” be cleaned out, voter fraud be exposed and for Democrats to vote for righteousness. The Red Wave has not come yet, it has begun but we will lose it if we don’t take this responsibility seriously. So let’s persevere until the last mountain has been conquered. Remember Timothy McVeigh! (Chuck Pierce called Oklahoma Church to pray because something terrible was about to happen. The Church did not respond and the following week Timothy McVeigh bombed the courts. Hundreds died. It could have been avoided.)

Let’s pray

  1. Proclaim a Red Wave as God promised
  2. All voter fraud be uncovered and offenders brought to justice
  3. Whitaker have wisdom and insight to find voter fraud and clean out Government, DOJ and FBI (update AG Barr is responsible and determined to get to the bottom of FISA abuse, collusion contradictions and people putting their thumb on the weights)
  4. Wisdom and insight for Trump and team to elect God’s choice for AG who will clean out Government, DOJ and FBI
  5. Democrats vote for righteous issues

Riding the Red Wave

Love Tim & Faith


  1. Non-Citizens Voting in Texas? “We got TONS of them” Says Election Official on Undercover Video. watch video

2. Rep. Gaetz: Democrats trying to steal Florida’s elections
Nov. 11, 2018 – 3:11 – Republican lawmaker says he has little confidence in the election supervisors leading recounts. watch video


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