Hope for transformation

September 29, 2021 Tim 0

Gordon Robertson says seeking first the Kingdom of God and righteousness will bring the much needed transformation. True words from Gordon. All previous revivals in […]

More good news for America

September 10, 2021 Tim 0

The States continues to move forward in truth, righteousness and justice as God answers our prayers. God moves through our faith so let’s be strong […]

New Zealand’s complacency

August 10, 2021 Tim 0

Derek Prince said, “New Zealand Church’s biggest problem is complacency”. Complacency means to feel content, even when faced by danger, trouble or controversy. In 2000 […]

In Spirit and in Truth

April 7, 2021 Tim 0

Passover and Pentecost 2020 were historic events when God brought his Church out of spiritual Egypt and into the Promised Land. Throughout the world the […]

Beyond Pentecost

March 24, 2021 Tim 0

Passover 2020 was an historic event for the Church. Never in Church history have Christians been locked in their homes as a plague swept across […]

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A confirmation from heaven

January 13, 2021 Tim 1

Results of the Presidential election are clear, the election was stolen. As the Supreme Court rejected numerous appeals, courts rejected cases despite overwhelming evidence, as […]

Seek the Lord

December 8, 2020 Tim 0

Intercession continues to be our main focus during the covid-19 season. After two disappointing intercessions for Malaysia and New Zealand, we continue to persevere for […]