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Intercession continues to be our main focus during the covid-19 season. After two disappointing intercessions for Malaysia and New Zealand, we continue to persevere for America’s elections. The States face an extremely challenging time so we are spending extended times of prayer each day.

Our intercessions for Malaysia and New Zealand were not successful. When our prayers are not answered, it is good to stop and ask God why! In Isaiah 58 God told Israel, he would neither listen to nor answer their prayers because of their sins. Israel was even fasting but still God would not listen to them.

For Malaysia I was praying for the Sabah elections. Unfortunately my prayer was not answered. When I asked the Lord why, he showed me in a dream there is an area of my life which is not up to standard. I quickly confessed and repented.

Soon after the Malaysia elections finished we began praying for New Zealand’s elections. I was led to pray against euthanasia and Christians to vote for righteous MPs rather than a particular party. Neither prayer was answered and worse, many Christians lost their seats in Parliament with many LGBT people winning seats. There are now 13 LGBT MPs out of 121 MPs! We are not against LGBT people but they can have a big impact on a nation.

Soon after Faith and I married we lived with a group of LGBT people, helping them to overcome sins and weaknesses. So we do not hate them but rather poured our lives out for them, making great sacrifices to help them through bondages and problems. However people who live this lifestyle have a very radical world view. I recommend people read James Dobson, “Dare to discipline” for insights into their lifestyle.

You certainly do not want LGBT people making decisions for your country. It is a true saying, righteousness exalts a nation but sin brings it low. It appears the Church has lost the government mountain of society and now it will be more difficult to get it back. The situation is extremely serious.

I spent time seeking the Lord, asking why my prayers for New Zealand failed. Again, he showed me an area of my life which I have still not overcome and another area which is not up to standard. We are called to overcome in all areas of our life and become like Christ. Paul bemoaned the day when Christ would be formed in the Galatian Church. This a goal we can all rise up to but if we do not change, our prayer life is affected.

“The carnal nature is the greatest blockage to the Holy Spirit’s purposes being fulfilled in people’s lives, and must be put to the cross. The flesh cannot be pacified, it must be crucified.” Rees Howells

A few weeks ago Malaysia’s mentor spoke to the Church. He said, if your prayers are not being answered don’t just keep praying the same thing, ask the Lord why your prayers are not answered. He also shared a key principle in intercession. After experiencing a great victory the tendency is for the Church to relax and go back to their old ways. They take their eyes off government and focus on building their churches. This happened in his country and it became seven times worse!

He told the Malaysian Church, after a great victory the Church must go to a new level in Christ so they can maintain the new growth. He and other Pastors encouraged the Church to walk in unity which had slipped after the previous victory.

Going to a new level after victory is an important principle and the opposite is also true. In “Our Story” I shared about interceding for alcoholics. First for my mother then for skid row alcoholics. To intercede for my mother I had to change my character by “enduring all things” and be strong in faith. It was extremely painful to live with mother because of her frequent strange behaviour but I persevered until God changed my heart. After a long test of faith mother came free of alcohol.

Bomdages of skid row alcoholics are far more serious than mothers. To intercede for them requires a greater level of commitment and sacrifice to set them free. The Holy Spirit led me to live on the streets with the skid row alcoholics. The worst male and female alcoholics came free after that intercession. It was amazing to see.

The New Zealand Church has lost more ground in the government mountain so it will take a greater level of godliness and obedience to bring the government back on track. The bondages are far greater but it is not impossible. “As goes the Church, so goes the nation” is a true saying, 2 Chronicles 7:14.

“As goes the Church, so goes the nation”

As a young Christian 80% of my prayers were answered which should be normal for Christians. There are many verses which teach, God answers the prayers of those who walk uprightly, James 5:16. The Holy Spirit has begun to give me guidance for Malaysia and God is beginning to move, but nothing for New Zealand yet. Please be praying for us to receive clear guidance. I believe both countries will turn around and come into their destiny.

God Bless
Love Tim & Faith


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