Dear New Zealand

In the last letter, I wrote about my deep concern for New Zealand’s spiritual condition. They have declined into such immorality like gay marriage, legalised prostitution, gambling and now want to support euthanasia, abortion and cannabis. When Israel committed these sins they suffered drought, wars and captivity. Rick Joyner recently commented about the number of hurricanes and disasters striking America saying, God is disciplining the nation. I wonder how long before God disciplines New Zealand. I am not the only person who feels this way, Rick Joyner and many New Zealanders also share this concern.

I have had four dreams of tsunamis, two referring to New Zealand. The first dream was the 2004 Indonesia tsunami. The next dream was the morning of March 2011 when Fukushima was struck then two of New Zealand. Prophet Sadhu Selvaraj says the Indonesia and Fukushima tsunamis were God’s judgement on these countries. Apparently, people in Banda Aceh persecuted Christians just before the tsunami, burning down Churches and killing Christians. Japan I do not know about but when I prayed about New Zealand’s tsunamis, the Holy Spirit gave me 2 Chronicles 7:14. The context of this verse says, when God judges Israel he will forgive and heal the land if they turn back to him. I believe this is what God is saying to New Zealand. Many Christians do not like to hear about God’s judgments even though “Final Judgement” is a foundation doctrine, Hebrews 6:3 but we must face this truth.

The last time I wrote about God’s judgments, 50% of people stopped reading this blog. Derek Prince, David Pawson, Bill Johnson and Assemblies of God have good teaching on this foundation truth so there can be no confusion. Foundations give our life stability and strength, keeping us steady when everything around fails. If our foundation is not right, then we will fall when trials and temptations come. Knowing how we will be judged helps us walk uprightly and motivates us to overcome sin. This truth is also important so we can understand how to receive a reward and not be caste into outer darkness, Matthew 24:45-51. We cannot ignore this truth. God’s desire, and mine, is to see every Christian receive a rich reward so I encourage everyone to read the studies below.

The dreams and guidance I had for New Zealand were amazing. In the first New Zealand dream I saw a huge wave crashing over a house. In the second dream I saw a house being washed away and when I prayed about it the Holy Spirit burdened me with 2 Chronicles 7:14. Some people disagreed with my guidance so I prayed again for confirmation. The Holy Spirit gave me another dream of Ps. Dennis, an elder statesman to the country, going to a meeting preaching about tsunamis. I e-mailed Ps. Dennis and asked him about the dream. He said, after the Indonesia tsunami he preached a message, “Judgement or Mercy”. This confirmed my dreams and guidance.

Then we made plans for three months intercession in New Zealand but didn’t have enough money for the flight. A few weeks before we were due to leave we received the exact amount. Off we went! When we arrived, God spoke to an intercessory group asking us to lead them interceding for New Zealand. Through multiple guidance, confirmations, providence and provision God made the way for us to intercede for New Zealand. You can’t make this up. It was a God moment!

The Church is the salt and light of the earth. As we mature, our impact on family, work and community grows. People see our good works and through them glorify God. As we mature the power of the Holy Spirit increases so we can bring change. God has given the Church authority on the earth. When we see ungodliness, sin, injustice and lies we can turn these around so our community becomes more righteous. Why then is New Zealand backsliding further and further into sin? A short study of the Bible and American history gives us the answer.

When the Holy Spirit spoke to Derek Prince about the States he said, “He is deeply disappointed with America”. He has done so much for the country but look how they have responded. Derek asks, if there are so many Christians in the States as claimed, then where are they! Johnathan Cann in his book “The Harbinger” showed clearly, Sept 11th was God’s second round of discipline on America. Dutch Sheets says a person has to be blind not to see God’s judgement on the nation and there will be another round (financial collapse) of discipline if the nation does not turn. Rick Joyner and Pat Robertson prophesied the US economy will collapse in 2015. Dutch holds the Church responsible.

The States have had many significant movements like “The Million Man March” and many other calls to repentance. Rick Joyner says if the Bible was still being written, these movements would have been recorded. Rick Joyner, Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, the late David Wilkerson and Derek Prince, Lou Engle and others have been calling America to repentance for years. Rick Joyner says, in the Bible and in history, prayer and repentance always preceded revival.

In May 2015 (correction 2016, therefore the following testimony is not correct. However we could say, because the Church turned Trump was elected President and America saw dramatic changes as a result) we joined Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and Lou Engle interceding for the States. That night in Moline God spoke to Dutch, “The nation has turned”. The following month Donald Trump announced he is running for President. The economy did not collapse and according to God’s mandate for Trump, the economy is its strongest in 20 years. Righteous judges have been appointed bringing just judgments for years to come. God is slow to anger and quick to show mercy, turning his judgement from the nation.

Like America, New Zealand’s prophets have been speaking. Adrian Watts in “The Trumpet Call” faithfully recorded dreams and visions of earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters striking NZ. In these dreams God revealed the reason for these disasters. He named a lack of love from his people, a lack of unity, a lack of faith, a lack of repentance and fervent prayer, a love of socialising rather than worshiping him. When we were interceding God also spoke about porn and immorality in the Church. This is the same pattern as Israel, the same pattern as America, the same pattern throughout scripture. Despite our intercession, despite Ps. Tak Bhana preaching repentance, despite the mega Churches with thousands of Christians, the nation continues to backslide. The problem is clear, so is the solution. God’s people are not walking in his ways and must turn from their sins.

I felt led to share this letter in the hope more people will walk in God’s ways and New Zealand turn back to God. This is not a doom and gloom letter, there is still time to turn. God is patient and merciful but his judgement will come if his people do not turn. In Jesus’s first sermon he taught the Apostles where God’s boundaries are. If they lust after the opposite sex they will be thrown into hell, if they call a brother a fool they are in danger of hell, if they do not forgive others our Father will not forgive them, if they love the things of the world they cannot love God and if they live a life of lawlessness they will be rejected on judgement day. Paul also taught God’s boundaries, 1 Corinthians 6 and Galatians 5. Paul warned the Corinthians not to be like Israel or they will suffer the same fate. John warned, the Church of Laodicea, God will spit them out if they do not repent and be zealous. That is clear!

I must add, when God disciplined Israel it was nearly always because of sin and disobedience. Very rarely were they judged because of their forefathers’ sins, sins of the land, past hurts or demons. Many words I read list these as the reason for God’s judgment but the Bible rarely mentions those as the cause. Also I read a lot of reports saying if Christians identify with the sins of the land, if we worship God with a new song or make declarations then God will heal the land. These are all good but rarely in scripture did these turn God’s judgement because most of the time the problem is sin amoung God’s people. This is not being sin focused. We do not focus on sin but on Christ and Rees Howells is a shining example of overcoming sin and becoming like Christ.

Therefore “The Way” is clear. As God’s people put off sin and focus on what Jesus would do, they will hear from heaven and God will heal New Zealand. We have experienced four tipping points where God has turned nations and cities. First there is the States, second Malaysia and two towns where we live. Our Town continues to move forward in righteousness. We have two TV stations promoting righteousness every day, encouraging people to care for one other, to do what is right. The brothels have closed down, gambling dens are pursued and closed, people more courteous and government becoming less corrupt. Our Town is changing. It is exciting to see.

Like others we struggle and fail in many ways but we are quick to confess and repent. For New Zealand “The Way” is clear, let’s walk in it New Zealand. God does and will judge! Time is running short.

“Stand with us and proclaim these promises over New Zealand. Together we are stronger.”

During those ten weeks intercession in New Zealand we received the following promises;

  1. Hurts of Pastors and members healed. Expect these people to come back to Church.
  2. Pastors, leaders and ministries will exalt Jesus not themselves. Expect a shift in this area.
  3. Luke warmness broken. Expect Christians to become on fire for Christ.
  4. Agape love. Expect more patience, kindness, long-suffering and sacrifice among Christians.
  5. Unity. Specifically that members will support their Pastors, Pastors and leaders will teach unity, unity among cultures and reconciliation.
  6. Sexual sins including porn, a revelation of the sin of the gay agenda. Expect repentance and confession in these areas.
  7. Faith. Expect Christians walking in a new level of faith for healing, provision and answered prayer.
  8. True repentance. Expect Christians to come under conviction of sin and turn to Christ for forgiveness and grace to overcome.
  9. Fervent prayer. Expect prayer meetings to grow in number and fervency with resulting fruit of answered prayers.
  10. Wholehearted worship of Christ and not socialising. Expect a change.
  11. Religious spirit. Expect Christians to repent of religious acts.
  12. Jezebel spirit. Expect servant heart from leaders and not a lording over the flock, transparency not manipulation.
  13. Athaliah spirit. Expect a father heart from Christians who will raise up the younger generation.
  14. Worldliness. Expect the Church to turn from materialism, spend more time with God and grow in godliness.

When the Church of New Zealand lives like this, she will be a “pearl in the Pacific” and many nations will be blessed.

Stand with us and proclaim these promises over New Zealand. Together we are stronger.

Your standing ones

Love Tim & Faith



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