New Burdens!

Many year ago New Zealand faced a crisis. The NZ Pulp and Paper mill workers were on strike for more pay. Each day they were off work it cost New Zealand millions. This went on for weeks and became extremely serious. One day the Holy Spirit quickened to me, pray the men go back to work and afterwards resolve the dispute.

I said to God, things don’t work that way, “If the men go back to work they lose leverage and won’t get their demands!” Have you ever disagreed with God? He has interesting ways of persuading us to his position. In this case he never answered my complaints, there was total silence. After several days I thought, I had better do what he says. So I prayed, the men go back to work and afterwards resolve their dispute. A few days later the men went back to work and later resolved the dispute. Amazing! God’s ways are not our ways.

I see Malaysia in a similar situation. God’s guidance is unusual but now he is moving according to his word. We continue to keep close to him and intercede. Ps. S called a solemn assembly, calling the Church to wake up and seek God’s face for a way forward. The nation is in the balance. I believe the Church will respond. We continue to watch, pray and have faith God will move.

For the euthanasia referendum in New Zealand we are declaring, New Zealander’s eyes be opened to see euthanasia is helping someone kill themselves! This was my guidance and I was hoping the Holy Spirit would move on the politicians’ hearts. Unfortunately that did not happen and they voted for a referendum. To see God change the hearts of New Zealanders is a huge challenge to my faith but I continue to declare and believe for this to happen on election day. Others in New Zealand are standing with us.

We are also praying for New Zealand’s elections although no guidance so far, simply a burden. Some believe the elections will determine if New Zealand becomes more socialist or not! In the last decade or so, politicians have legalised gay marriage, prostitution, synthetic drugs, late term abortions and now a referendum on legalising marijuana and euthanasia. You can’t get much worse than that!

IHOP prayer center in Hamilton sent me an interesting article saying, if every Christian in New Zealand voted for a righteous MP rather than a party, we would have a majority of righteous MPs in government. I had never thought of this strategy but the above laws would not have passed, if there was a majority of righteous MPs.

We are also praying for America’s elections which will determine their future as a democratic or socialist nation. Sadly this crisis could have been avoided if every Christian voted in the 2018 mid-Term elections. God promised a Red Wave in 2018, and if 1% more Christians went out and voted, the results would have been different. Republicans would have won both the Senate and Congress avoiding all the turmoil of the last two years.

This has been my greatest disappointment these two years. For my part, I did not pray for Christians to go out and vote in the 2018 mid-Terms. Looking back, I should have prayed that through. For this election, God promises Trump will win the Presidency. We are praying and believing for this to happen. It is a critical time, the nation is in the balance.

We try to be faithful for the new burdens laid on our hearts. At times they are heavy, at times discouraging but with perseverance we make it through. A few weeks ago a sister gave a video call, sharing how God had healed her serious lung problems. What a blessing to see her sitting up straight and having a long conversation. We had been praying for years.

This week a brother e-mailed saying, a prayer we began several years ago for a family member, has been answered. I cannot give any details because it is personal but I encourage folks, be faithful to what God has called you to do. He has a plan and after following him for forty years, we know all his plans are for good.

Your burden bearers
Love Tim & Faith

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