Taking the land part 2

August 10, 2021 Tim 0

The previous newsletter shared about taking the land. The most important part of taking the land is, taking the land of our heart. Imitating Christ […]

Taking the land part 1

May 6, 2021 Tim 0

2020 was an historic year when God brought the Church out of spiritual Egypt into the Promised Land. Jesus is coming back soon therefore God’s […]

April 28, 2021 Tim 1

Successfully Interceding for Forty Years We grew up in average families but both had their dark side. Tim’s mother was alcoholic and Faith’s father a […]

In Spirit and in Truth

April 7, 2021 Tim 0

Passover and Pentecost 2020 were historic events when God brought his Church out of spiritual Egypt and into the Promised Land. Throughout the world the […]

Beyond Pentecost

March 24, 2021 Tim 0

Passover 2020 was an historic event for the Church. Never in Church history have Christians been locked in their homes as a plague swept across […]

The Journey

April 29, 2020 Tim 0

This has never happened before and I don’t know if we will come this way again, but God is moving worldwide. Although we are no […]

Exodus 2020

April 15, 2020 Tim 0

Passover is such an extremely important time prophetically, I decided to write one more newsletter. God has given so many signs to confirm what the […]

The Glory

December 19, 2019 Tim 0

Amanda Crabb prophesied, “I heard the Lord say that we are moving into the perfect hour for the Church to arise and shine. An “hour” […]