Good people doing nothing!

February 5, 2024 Tim 0

As Nazis swept across Europe, many Germans and Poles had deep regrets. They knew something was not right when Jews were put into gulags, for […]

Justice denied!

November 15, 2023 Tim 0

“Justice delayed is justice denied”, former Senator Trey Gowdy. For years people died, were maimed and disabled from asbestos, DDT, tobacco, industrial waste and Thalidomide. […]

Pray for Trump witnesses

February 20, 2023 Tim 0

We have seen the weaponization of Government departments during the Trump/Russia investigations, the Roger Stone and Gen. Flynn cases. Are we witnessing a repeat of […]

Pray for Dr. McCullough

January 30, 2023 Tim 0

Dr. McCullough is getting almost 100% success, healing his patients from Covid. He is working hard to preserve truth and heal his patients but the […]


December 31, 2022 Tim 0

It’s a new platform under Elon. I call it “TruthTwitter”. Praise God for someone who still has some common sense and courage to stand for […]