Republicans protecting democracy

Twenty Republicans stood their ground and demanded changes in how Congress is run. We have all seen the dismantling of democracy by Republicans and Democrats over the years so these twenty Republicans are now demanding change.

I am astounded at the level of incompetence and corruption in the States. The People agree and are pushing back. Realising the situation, twenty Republicans used their vote for McCarthy, to bring changes.

Now Congress is in a position to bring changes and preserve democracy. We must focus our prayers on keeping McCarthy’s feet to the coals and not let him renege or compromise his promises.

Hank Kunneman’s prophecy says, “The midTerms are a midTurn”. Let’s keep declaring in faith, the USA has turned!

Keep praying for righteous politicians to stand up for what is right, to uphold the Constitution and the law, protect democracy and justice, balance the budget

The following list are agreements made with McCarthy.

McCarthy agreed to allow a single lawmaker to make a motion to elect a new speaker, returning to the way the House ran for decades before that practice was eliminated under former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He agreed to votes on term limits and the adoption of a budget resolution that balances the budget in 10 years, and a cap on fiscal year 2024 spending at FY 2022 levels.

McCarthy agreed to reject any negotiations on spending with the Senate until the Senate passes its own spending bills. He agreed not to increase the debt limit without spending cuts or other fiscal reforms, to set up a committee to examine the weaponization of government against U.S. citizens, and to ensure no bills are brought up on the floor until at least 72 hours passed.

And he agreed to give three members of the House Freedom Caucus three seats on the House Rules Committee, which sets the terms of debate for all legislation headed to the House floor.

Republicans who were holding back their votes until the deal was done praised it as a series of changes that will beat back the excessive spending and regulation that have defined the first two years of the Biden administration.

Reps-elect Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert sound off on ‘Hannity’ on demands made for upcoming Congress.

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