Kari Lake and the elections

March 20, 2023 Tim 0

Let’s keep praying for Kari Lake’s appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court. There is enough evidence to decertify the election, with the failure of Chain […]

Maricopa malfeasance

December 7, 2022 Tim 0

At 7pm in one polling booth, 500 people out of 650 turned around and went home because the voting machines didn’t work! Most of these […]

Declare no cheating in midterms

November 2, 2022 Tim 0

The DOJ could use Biden’s executive order to influence the midterms. We have seen departments weaponsied against the opposition so election interference is a real […]

Righteous momentum

October 28, 2022 Tim 0

Righteous politicians are gaining momentum before the midterms. Most Americans are centre right and are shocked by the extreme left views of the Democrat Party. […]