Keep praying for Netanyahu

June 22, 2022 Tim 0

As we were praying for Netanyahu’s court cases, Faith had a vision of a Judge’s gravel coming down giving Netanyahu justice. In my opinion the […]

Justice for Netanyahu

June 2, 2021 Tim 0

Netanyahu’s lawyers argue, if Netanyahu is bribing the news outlet for favourable reviews, how come the reviews did not change but were still negative. It […]

Standing with Netanyahu

May 12, 2021 Tim 0

Faith had a vision showing Netanyahu will receive justice. Case 4000 looks a weak argument to me. Rick Joyner and Pat Robertson believe a Deep […]

Standing with Netanyahu

February 8, 2021 Tim 0

Rick Joyner believes Netanyahu is being unjustly prosecuted by the Deep State. Our guidance is justice will be done. Lord we declare justice be done […]

Netanyahu indicted!

November 22, 2019 Tim 0

Keep praying truth and justice be done. Rick Joyner, Pat Robertson and Netanyahu say this is the work of the “Deep State” in Israel. JPost: […]