Justice for Netanyahu

pic by REUTERS

Netanyahu’s lawyers argue, if Netanyahu is bribing the news outlet for favourable reviews, how come the reviews did not change but were still negative. It looks more like the Trump/Russia hoax.

Faith had a vision of a Judge’s gravel coming down, when praying for Netanyahu’s case 4000.

Declare justice for Netanyahu in all court cases, wisdom for his lawyers to refute all arguments

JPost: In another series of articles from January 17-18, 2013, the defense said Netanyahu’s messengers had requested removal or reduced prominence of an article about Netanyahu’s rivals Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid.

His goal was to disprove the prosecution’s allegation that the prime minister influenced government policy in favor of Bezeq in exchange for slanted coverage in his favor by Walla. Both companies are owned by Shaul Elovitch.


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