Serious inconsistencies in Netanyahu trial

In the beginning Netanyahu was accused of giving favour to Walla media, if they gave him favourable news reports. After the so called request, Walla reports were virtually all negative towards Netanyahu! How can there be a quid pro quo?

Later we find investigators did not follow the law which normally ends a case. Now we find the star witness against Netanyahu, has got his facts all mixed up. Strangely the facts came out after signing a plea deal with investigators! Another big question mark.

Rick Joyner and Pat Robertson believe the “Deep State” is at work. Certainly serious question marks are rising, putting the prosecutorion case in jeopardy. Filber is their only link to Netanyahu and the so called bribery.

Keep declaring justice for Netanyahu as God has promised

JPost: The prosecution argues that this is the meeting where Netanyahu gave the set of three instructions that are at the crux of the Bezeq-Walla Affair.

The defense argues that Filber invented the meeting to secure an immunity deal from the police.

Pursuing their narrative, the defense has pointed out that Filber has changed certain aspects of the meeting, such as where Netanyahu was standing or sitting, the order in which Netanyahu mentioned certain subjects and whether Filber considered the instructions he was given to be motivated by corruption or good policy.

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