Impeachment! This is rediculous!

Sondland’s testimony is complete rubbish and a condemnation of the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry. Sondland quoted Trump, “There is to be no quid pro quo!” and said it his “own presumption” that Trump and WH officials asked for a quid pro quo. That is clear to me.

There is no proof of a quid pro quo or a coverup!

Sondland says everyone was in the loop about a quid pro quo. Some deny such comments. Sondland then contradicts that statement saying, Trump and WH people asking for quid pro quo was “his own presumption“.

Therefore Sondland presumed there was a quid pro quo but did not hear Trump or anyone in the WH say so! Also key WH people have denied saying there was a quid pro quo. All of the Democrat’s witnesses have said there was NO quid pro quo, bribery or extortion.

Sen Schiff and CNN still announced, “Sondland says there is a quid pro quo!” Sen Schiff and CNN obviously cannot understand simple English, such is their blindness and bias.

“Keep praying truth and justice be done!

This impeachment inquiry is just a waste of time and looking more like another sham by the Democrats to dirty Trump. The public are smart, they see through this and are beginning to reject impeachment.


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