Growing in faith

Assurance.02In the previous blog we saw the difference between the “Gift of faith and the Grace of faith”. By faith we come into the Kingdom, by faith we are rooted in Christ, by faith we grow in Christ and it is an enduring quality. This grace of faith is the eternal quality Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 13, so we know this is extremely important. We also see every Christian can grow in the grace of faith but how do we do this?

One way of growing in faith is by seeking the Holy Spirit for someone’s healing. We can also grow in faith by following the Apostles example. They went into the towns ahead of Jesus, preaching the gospel. Jesus told them, don’t take a money purse or a change of clothes but go and God will provide because the servant is worthy of their hire, Matt 10. When Jesus asked the Apostles if they lacked anything they replied, no nothing. God provided for the Apostles when they went out evangelizing.

When we left overseas we had enough money for two weeks. No one knew our need, we did not ask people for donations but simply went in faith, knowing the servant of God is worthy of their hire. We have lived like this for almost thirty years.

Our greatest test came in the first year. We had completely run out of food and money. That day we had arranged to take a team carrying Bibles. We walked 1 1/2 hours into town to meet the team. We had no money for lunch but the team took us for lunch. We carried Bibles for six months but that was the only time a team took us for lunch. God provided our lunch.

After leaving the team we headed back home. It was early afternoon so I said to Faith, let’s visit a friend before walking 1 ? hours back. Our friend invited us for an early dinner before going home. God provided our dinner.

On the road back, a 2 hour walk because we were so tired, Faith became desperate. She cried out to the Lord saying, “Lord I have nothing!” At that moment the Lord spoke saying, “Yes, but you still have me!” With that the clouds opened up and the sun shone through confirming what he had spoken. Soon after that the clouds closed up and it began to rain. Rain in the Bible speaks of God’s blessings. Faith and I skipped and sang all the way home in the rain. People must have thought we were crazy!

That night, as we were praying for finances, someone slipped $400 under our door. The next morning we went into town, bought our favourite bowl of prawn noodles and celebrated. God answered our prayer and provided. In our time of greatest need, God provided two meals and finances. All these years we have never gone hungry but have seen our almighty God provide for all our needs. Every Christian can do the same.

One way we can grow in faith is to follow the Apostles example. Ask the Lord, “If I go to the next town without any money, no accommodation or food, will you provide for my needs for one week?” Make it specific, not something easy and don’t go somewhere you have friends. When we went overseas we only knew two people and we didn’t live anywhere near them.

We cannot do this in our own strength or just because we want to. The Holy Spirit must lead us. As you step out, do not waver or doubt. Speak in tounges to build up your faith. Also you must fulfill the conditions for God to provide. Jesus said, seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and God will provide for our needs, Matt 6:33.

By stepping out like this you will go to a new level of faith. It will also draw you closer to God, also to a new level of righteousness and of obedience. You will see God knows your every need and provide in ways you never imagined. You will experience the awesome power of God in your life.

Ask God if you can go to the next town without taking anything with you. Obey him and you will grow in the “Grace of faith”.

Your faith followers
Love Tim and Faith

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