Gift of faith, Grace of faith

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“Gift of faith, Grace of faith” is a phrase George Mueller used to explain why people’s prayers for healing are always answered, but others are only healed sometimes. When Jesus prayed for healing, every person was healed. Jesus is God in the flesh and had the full power of the Holy Spirit in his life so every person who came to him was healed. When Rees Howells prayed for healing everyone was healed.

Some time ago we were at a healing rally. The preacher had a gift of healing and when he prayed for people they would be healed. Many were not healed! At another healing meeting we asked the Pastor how many were healed. None at the meeting were healed but the preacher had many testimonies of people being healed previously. Why was everyone not healed?

There are many gifts of the Holy Spirit. One of these is the gift of healing. God gives this gift to Christians so his power can be shown and for healing. This gift does not cost the preacher anything, no sacrifice, godliness is not a requirement and no particular obedience. God gives it freely. The person can even be living in sin, like Jimmy Swaggart, and people are still healed! This is what George Mueller calls the “Gift of faith”.

When Rees Howells prayed for people’s healing, every person was healed. read more ¡­
A man, Will, was dying of tuberculosis and the Holy Spirit led Rees to intercede for his healing. For Will to be healed, Rees Howells paid a great price. Will was rejected by the local residents and lived in a vacant room at a flour mill. Rees Howells would walk around town with Will and feel extremely embarrassed. Rees was also rejected because of his friendship with Will.

Then the Holy Spirit led Rees to sacrifice Christmas day and spend it with Will, not Rees’s family. Rees’s mother packed a special Christmas lunch for them both and Rees spent the day with Will. Rees paid a great price of humility and personal sacrifice to intercede against tuberculosis. On Christmas day God honoured Rees Howells’ obedience and healed Will. Afterwards people suffering from tuberculosis were healed every time Rees prayed for them. This is what George Mueller calls the “Grace of faith”.

As a young Christian my family was in a mess and mother an alcoholic. I figured God could sort out all these problems so all I need to do is ask him what to do. Step by step the Holy Spirit led me until mother came free of alcohol. Whenever I see an alcoholic I ask the Holy Spirit, “Can I apply the intercession for this alcoholic?” If I get a yes, the person is healed.

Some months ago a Pastor was sharing about some alcoholics he was ministering to. I asked him to give me the names of the hopeless cases, the ones who had tried everything but without success. He gave me the names of three. I interceded for two and within a few weeks one of those men was in Church, alcohol free and worshipping God. This is the “Grace of faith”.

The “Grace of faith” is something every Christian can do. It only requires obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit and a love for people. Jesus said the greatest command is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and our neighbour as ourselves.

Whether it is family, business or ministry, God has the answer to every need. Seek him with all your heart and do not stop until you get the answer. Obey what God tells you to do. Then you will see your situation change and you will grow in the “Grace of faith”.

Your faith lovers
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