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My favourite Bible College teacher once said, “Sometimes God does the weird and wonderful”. I agree, so this newsletter is about a weird and wonderful intercession where I was led to take the vow of the Nazarite. I had been helping Bro. A, who was addicted to drugs, for many years. I would encourage him to stop taking drugs, help find work, pray for many hours but all without success. He just could not get free. Then he enrolled in the three month Orama drug rehab program. I was excited.

Orama is an amazing place. Many miracles happen there and lives are changed. It is a live-in program on a beautiful island not far from Auckland city. I kept in touch with Bro. A throughout the program and looked forward to him coming back, drug free. I was shocked, three months later he came back but still addicted. I sought the Lord and asked him what I should do. The Holy Spirit led me to take the vow of the Nazarite!

A Nazarite is not allowed to cut their hair or beard, they are not allowed to touch alcohol or go near dead bodies for the period of their vow, Numb 6:2-22. The Holy Spirit tested me on each point! During the intercession Bro. A left Auckland. I was shocked and cried out to the Lord, “Lord he has left (Auckland and gone fruit picking)! What shall I do?”. The Lord replied, “When he comes back he will be free (of drugs)”. I was amazed and excited by the good news.

Two weeks later Bro. A rang, he had run out of money and wanted to come back to Auckland. I went back to the Lord and said “He’s coming back (so soon)!”. The Lord replied, “Didn’t I tell you! When he comes back he will be free!”. I was amazed. For years Bro. A had struggled with drugs, he had been to one of the best rehabs in New Zealand and now after only a few months of intercession, God was setting him free. According to the word of the Lord, Bro. A has been free of drugs from that day until now!

If you are a young Christian this is not for you. When you are young you can go where like but when you are old someone else will lead you where you do not want to go. In your early years the Holy Spirit will work on your character, especially the standards from the “The Sermon on the Mount”, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and Galatians 5:16-21. Put off those sins and self then do what Jesus would do in each situation. Jesus will give you the grace to live a godly life so lay a proper foundation in your life then the Holy Spirit will lead you into intercession for others.

And what has the Nazarite got to do with addicts. Absolutely nothing! Recently I was pondering this and wondering why the Lord led me to take the vow. I would like to share my insights because it is relevant to what God is going to do in 2018, a “Year of Metamorphosis”.

When I took the vow of a Nazarite I was serving in a traditional Anglican Church. I was leading the youth group and serving at the altar. When I realised I could not cut my hair or shave my face, I realised it was going to be very embarrassing to face these very nice, traditional Anglicans! I was not looking forward to it.

As my hair got longer I was also concerned for my mother. She was alcoholic, had seen me go through the hippy years with long hair, ear rings and John Lennon glasses. Now I was backsliding into my hippy image!!  I was worried for her and what she would have to go through seeing me backslide like that. At times it was excruciating to continue.

I also served at the altar, helping the vicar distribute the emblems. One Sunday he prepared too much wine and after serving everyone, had almost a full goblet of wine left over. He asked me to help him finish it. I said “I don’t drink! His face dropped and he drank the lot. Vicar went home a little tipsy that day!

And then the dead. You won’t believe this but during the time of the vow, a brother passed away. I was expected to attend the wake at his house! If I could have avoided it I would have. It was a battle and I wondered what to do. How could I not go, it seemed cruel and totally disrespectful but I was not going to break the vow. I gingerly asked, “Is the body at the house?”. After being assured the body was not there, I went to the wake.

In this way I completed the vow of the Nazarite and interceded for Bro. A. The time of testing took several months but each time I was faithful on all points. In each of these tests there was severe pressure. Would I fear man or would I fear God! It was hard, each test was real and it was extremely stressful but each time I chose to please God.

Also, out of a love for the addict and a desire to see him free, I was willing to take the vow and endure to the end. After several months of trials, God changed my heart where I don’t fear man but only fear God. My heart was purified by obeying God.

Over the last few years I have been preaching on the grace of God and his judgements. There has been a 50/50 response. One couple stopped me in the streets and thanked me for preaching the truth. The hyper-grace people and extreme mercy Christians don’t like the message at all. Although very discouraging and hard to endure, I have not given in to the fear of man but continue to preach the truth.

In Singapore there is a famous hyper-grace preacher. The Pastors of Singapore sat down with him and told him he is wrong but he would not listen. He continues to spread his poison in Singapore, Australia and the States.

Jesus was correct, “A little leaven leavens the whole lump”. The hyper-grace teaching will in many cases cause Christians to lose their salvation and certainly affect a Christians eternal destiny. So will extreme mercy teaching. It is impossible to live the Christian life, following those teachings.

2018 is a “Year of Metamorphosis”, Jennifer LeClaire and Ps. Neville Johnson. This is a time when the hearts of Christians will change from an ugly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Our sinful nature will be transformed into the beautiful nature of Christ. But this will not happen overnight, neither will it happen all at once. It will happen as we obey God and keep his word, putting off the flesh and self and putting on Christ. Rick Joyner says if we are to experience metamorphosis, it will require faith, patience, endurance and focus.

As we endure to the end of these trials, God will change our nature into the nature of Christ. I strongly recommend Rees Howells testimony for a clearer understanding of this process. See below

Don’t waste this time of purification and transformation. Those who miss this opportunity to change, will suffer great hardships so draw near to God now. Press into God with prayer and fasting, call a solemn assembly, do what God says and keep his word.

Once we have interceded for one, we can intercede for many. One morning I was walking home from night shift. As I walked down Queen St. I saw a young lady, flat on her back on the footpath. A shopkeeper was standing over her asking, “Is she dead?”. I recognised her as an addict. Soon the police arrived, roused her and sent her on her way. I was burdened to intercede for her so I applied the intercession for addicts.

Sometime later the City Mission asked me to deliver a food parcel. When I arrived at the house there was this young lady, bright eyed, smiling and drug free! What a blessing to see. I worked at the City Mission Crisis Center for more than two years. That was the one and only time I was ever asked to deliver a food parcel. Why to that young lady! As I wondered about this chance meeting, I realised God was confirming my intercession for addicts.

“Once we have interceded for one, we can intercede for many”

Is the Holy Spirit leading you to do something weird? Obey God and you will see wonderful things happen. Have an awesome 2018.

Your weird intercessors

Tim & Faith


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