Open Doors for 2024

February 5, 2024 Tim 0

Many prophecies for 2024 say, God is opening doors for his people this year, doors which have been closed, difficult to open or doors of […]

Revivals in the Air

February 22, 2023 Tim 0

Prophet Hank Kunneman prophesied, 2023 is the year of God’s reset! Asbury Christian University is experiencing revival amoung the students and many believe this is […]

Doctors for righteousness

February 21, 2023 Tim 0

I find it strange Japan would use the dangerous mRNA jabs when they had such success with ivermectin. Ivermectin was discovered by a Japanese scientist, […]

Pray for Trump witnesses

February 20, 2023 Tim 0

We have seen the weaponization of Government departments during the Trump/Russia investigations, the Roger Stone and Gen. Flynn cases. Are we witnessing a repeat of […]

10 Commandments in school

January 17, 2023 Tim 0

God is moving in the States. Let’s keep praying and not give up! ANSWERED PRAYER: Supreme Court Brings 10 Commandments Back To School

Transforming Transgenders

January 13, 2023 Tim 0

Praise God people are realising the dangers of transgendering. John Hopkins University and the Swedish Government, after 30yrs research, found transgenders are twenty times more […]

USA tipping point

January 11, 2023 Tim 0

When the prayers of the Saints reach maximum, a tipping begins in the nation, Rev 8:4-5. Dr. Mulinde saw it in Uganda when the abusive […]