Transforming Transgenders

Praise God people are realising the dangers of transgendering. John Hopkins University and the Swedish Government, after 30yrs research, found transgenders are twenty times more likely to commit suicide than those who do not transgender.

Neither do children have the maturity to understand the consequences of transgendering. So an adult trying to influence children is shocking, destroying the child’s life.

Activist K. Yang knows the destruction caused by this lifestyle, having lived it herself. Now she is helping others come free.

We lived with and helped a group of LGBTQs transform and they are now happily married or living fulfilling lives. None of them tried to commit suicide although they had long hard struggles to get free. Now they are free indeed.

Lord we pray give parents wisdom and understanding to teach their children the dangers of transgendering, the People Governments and schools stand against this destruction of our children, Governments will help people turn from the LGBTQ lifestyle

Former trans and gay activist K. Yang is turning the tables on woke ideology and setting out to undo public schools’ indoctrination by “de-programming” children who have been exposed to radical gender ideology in the classroom.

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