Justice for those suffering from lockdowns and j@abs

A great travesty has been committed against humanity, and those responsible must be brought to justice. Now we have original data from the FDA, CDC and Pfizer, people are outraged at what Governments and Bigfarma knew about the pandemic yet continued with their lockdowns and j@bs.

Dr. Fuellmich and others are pursuing justice from all those responsible for the deaths and injuries. The People have also woken up, demanding justice.

Lord we pray for Dr. Fuellmich and team, for revelation knowledge and wisdom to bring to justice those knowingly and maliciously forcing lockdowns and j@bs on the People


It is not only in Germany that people’s lives are not at all dramatically and strongly restricted, damaged or even destroyed by natural catastrophes or any other kind of disaster. It is so-called pandemics, wars, and economic and social destruction that suddenly appear in our everyday lives with serious effects and harm us. And this is happening – especially since 2020 – in almost all countries of the world at the same time.

With every day, every week, and every month that passes it becomes clearer and clearer that there is deliberate and targeted action here to the detriment of humanity.

The question is who is responsible for this and who benefits from it?

The German-American attorney Dr Reiner Fuellmich is determined, in continuation of his work over the last two years, to contribute to the investigation of these crimes with his new team and to make the perpetrators of these crimes visible.

At the same time, ICIC will track down and publicise alternative proposals for new ways of life, forms of social organisation and networks that are already sprouting like mushrooms worldwide from the creative potential of the many people affected by these crimes.

Thank you for still supporting us!

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