midTURN not midterm

October 26, 2022 Tim 0

Prophet Hank Kunneman prophesies, God is going to TURN America around in these midterms and bring down the extreme left who are destroying the country. […]

New Zealand’s direction

September 21, 2022 Tim 0

New Zealand’s condition continues to be serious, with increasing poverty and suffering if the country does not change direction. Whenever Israel went into sin, poverty […]

Elections New Zealand

October 9, 2020 Tim 0

New Zealand faces a challenging election. The public will decide on legalising euthanasia and cannabis. Apparently the election will also decide if NZ becomes more […]

Elections United States

October 9, 2020 Tim 0

America faces her most critical election yet. It will determine if she becomes Socialist or remains a Democratic country. But the issues are far deeper […]