Prophecy. “Trump Leading Nation to Freedom”

Chris Reed; “In my dream, I then saw President George Washington standing in Pennsylvania. Then President Trump came and stood beside him. George Washington put his arm around President Trump and spoke these words to him: “You are leading the second revolution to free America from socialism. The whole nation is looking to Pennsylvania once again to declare independence from socialism, radical ideology, and an anti-Christ agenda; to restore it back to its foundations, and to truly keep America great!””

“Keep declaring victory for Trump and Republicans!”

Remember this is not about politics or the person but about the purpose of God for America. Let’s also keep a tender heart and not become malicious but forgiving.


  1. Victory for Trump in Pennsylvania and Presidential election
  2. Victory for Republicans in Senate races
  3. Amy Barrett’s ascension to the Supreme Court
  4. All Christians go out and vote
  5. All voter fraud exposed and resolved justly
  6. American’s eyes opened to see what the Democrats are like
  7. Wheels of enemy run heavy, blindness, confusion and division in their camp

Let’s not stop praying until we sense victory in our spirit.

Source: Chris Reed: “Pennsylvania, the Nation Is Looking to You!”


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