Do not Faint!

In 2017, Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce prophesied that by February 2018 “The Deep State” will be exposed ending the swamp war, followed by three years of peace. August 2018 the Holy Spirit gave me a dream saying, those responsible to indict and bring “The Deep State” to justice, were not fully pursuing “The Deep State” actors. Senator Gaetz noted, if the leadership in DC are not actively involved, then nothing gets done! In late 2018 John Kilpatrick prophesied, “The Deep State” driven by the Ahab spirit is attacking Trump but now the Jezebel spirit is going to attack. Clearly Cindy and Chuck’s prophecy did not happened! Cindy and Chuck are accurate with their words, they also know how to pray. What went wrong?

Sidney Powell in her book “Licensed to Lie”, exposed abusive and illegal practices committed by DOJ lawyers including Mueller and Weissmann in 2002. Powell was the first person who had the courage to expose “The Deep State”. Cindy Jacobs prophesied, through the Mueller investigation “The Deep State” will hang on their own gallows. As the Mueller investigation proceeded, more and more revealing information came out. Prosecutors Judge Jeanine and Trey Gowdy say they have prosecuted people on less circumstantial evidence than what has been unearthed so far!

This is revelatory and shocking how the most powerful country in the world could become so unjust. “The Deep State” covered up an investigation of one Presidential candidate Clinton, and brutally investigated candidate Trump based on lies. This newsletter will focus on “The Deep State”, why Cindy and Chuck’s prophecy was not fulfilled and how we should pray. We all have something to learn, including myself. First, a short review of the “The Deep State” timeline recorded mostly by emails and text messages from the DOJ and FBI.

Clinton’s government emails were discovered on her personal computer (a criminal offense carrying up to eleven years prison). The FBI investigates Clinton’s e-mail. FBI director Comey writes an exoneration letter after changing “gross negligence” (criminal offense) to “extremely careless”. Clinton’s staff are given immunity and along with Clinton are interviewed by the FBI over her e-mail. The meeting is not recorded. FBI agents Strzok and Page, who are involved in the investigation, text each other saying Clinton can’t be prosecuted because then she can’t become President.

Agents Strzok and Page text saying, they need an insurance policy in case Trump wins the election. A FISA warrant is issued, using the fake Steele dossier, to spy on Trump campaign worker Carter Page and from there other campaign workers. Attorney General Lynch e-mails the FBI saying she won’t prosecute Clinton over her e-mail. Bill Clinton meets AG Lynch on the tarmac supposedly discussing family matters. A few days later Comey announces Clinton won’t be charged for exposing secret e-mails.

Strzok, McCabe and others discuss investigating Trump. Trump wins the Presidential election. Strzok and other FBI agents, who were involved in the Clinton e-mail scandal, put their insurance policy (the fake Steele dossier) into action to remove Trump from office. DOJ Rosenstein and McCabe discuss using a wiretap to spy on Pres. Trump. FBI Director Comey is fired and Rosenstein chooses Mueller to investigate Russian Trump collusion.

May 2017 Mueller chooses 13 “angry” Democrats to investigate Trump. “Pit Bull” Weissmann (FoxNews words) is selected by Mueller as part of the team! Mueller and Weissmann have a shocking record of planting fake evidence, intimidation and abusive practices of investigation recorded by Sidney Powell, “Licensed to Lie”. Along with other lawyers they destroyed accounting firm Anderson, Sen. Stevens and Enron using false rigged evidence and indictments. Both Mueller and Weissmann have been prevented many times by the Supreme Court, from following abusive actions. Why have they not been indicted? “The Deep State” is in power!

Early 2017 (when Cindy and Chuck prophesied) Jeff Sessions is installed as the new AG and responsible to oversee the Mueller investigation. Strangely, Sessions recuses himself. Later former Trump campaign manager, Manafort, is indicted by Mueller over crimes committed 15 years earlier but Clinton’s pay-to-play scheme linked to Russia, are not even mentioned! Manafort is put in solitary confinement. Mueller’s true motives are now clear. Judge Ellis summarized it well, “You (Mueller) don’t care about Manafort, you just want to get Trump!”

Later Trump’s friend Stone is indicted, raided by a huge amphibious craft, a helicopter and FBI agents in bullet proof vests. Mafia bosses are raided by nine FBI agents ! Strangely, AG Sessions says and does nothing about this injustice! Mueller then makes another wrong move, indicting Trump’s friend Corsi. Corsi then sues Mueller for trying to force him to confess a lie about Trump Russia collusion. That was one of Weissmann’s tactics in the Merrill Lynch case! Now Mueller will have to go to court where the truth will be exposed. Incidentally Mueller, Weissmann and Rosenstein were all involved in the Uranium One deal where 20% of America’s uranium was sold to Russia with $140M traced from the Russian company, through several shell companies into the Clinton Foundation account. There is a consistent pattern by this group of actors plus a lot of circumstantial evidence. Note, the Fake News are largely silent about all this!

A courageous person needs to stand up and indict! Sidney Powell has been speaking up for years. Who will indict? Praise God, many honest DOJ and FBI people have also shown courage by coming forward to testify before Congress. Strangely they were not interviewed by Sessions or Huber despite the Senate Judiciary Committee notifying them! The “Deep State” is still pulling the strings! With a new sheriff in town, Attorney General Barr, the Mueller Collusion Investigation wound up finding no Trump Russia collusion and insufficient evidence of obstruction. Now justice will be done!

Barr is known for his firm stance and application of the law. AG Barr announces before Congress, he will investigate FISA abuse and spying on Pres. Trump. “The Deep State” DOJ, FBI, Democrats and Clinton’s are running scared. The greatest abuse of power in American history will now be investigated! Prosecutors Judge Jeanine and Trey Gowdy say they have prosecuted people with less circumstantial evidence than found so far. Back to Cindy’s prophecy, the swamp wars will be over by February 2018.

Cindy prophesied, the swamp wars will be over by February 2018 followed by three years peace, “depending on how we pray and act”. Prayer and action on our part were conditions for the prophecy to be fulfilled. Clearly this is where things fell down. Did Trump chose the right person for AG? Was the Church praying for Trump to choose the right person? Did Sessions make the wrong decision? Should Sessions have un-recused himself? Was the Church praying for Sessions? These are all possible scenarios.

Session’s actions often bothered me but I never sought God’s face and asked how to pray. I should have asked! Session’s actions were clearly counterproductive and unjust, preventing God’s will being fulfilled. Chuck prophesied the swamp wars will be over in February 2018, one year after AG Sessions was installed. This period, 2017-2018 should have been a time of indictments. I haven’t asked Cindy or Chuck about it, but I believe this is where the Church missed it. I should have been seeking God’s face for guidance on how to pray for Sessions but I did not. Sessions often bothered me but I never pressed in and got a word. This is why we must be vigilant and keep praying until the job is finished.

Jesus taught the Apostles, keep praying and don’t give up until the prayer is answered, Luke 18. When Rees Howells’ team interceded for the allies against Hitler, they prayed every day for four years. When Daniel knew God’s will for Israel to return home, he sought God’s face for wisdom how to fulfill the prophecy. When we follow complicated intercessions we must continue to follow events then pray and act appropriately. Obviously this has not happened and America has missed the three years of peace God promised. Rather than peace, there has been one year of subpoenas, partisan fighting and conflict. We can expect another year of this turmoil but we will have to pray otherwise things will continue as they are!

Let’s keep proclaiming Cindy Jacobs prophesy, “The Deep State” to hang on their own gallows. There is enough circumstantial evidence to prosecute them but it will depend on our prayers and actions for this to happen. In August 2018 I had a dream showing, the people responsible to indict the “Deep State” are afraid to pursue the matter and indict. That was certainly true of Sessions. AG Barr has now stepped up to the plate but he will need our prayer to succeed. I missed it with Sessions, I will not make the same mistake with Barr! Barr will need a lot of prayer just like we prayed for Trump to win the Presidency and for Kavanaugh to win the Supreme Court. Let’s not faint!

I am now focusing my prayers on AG Barr. It appears to me a Special Council is not needed and will waste time. Most of the facts needed to indict are already available. Several Senators and Judicial Watch have been collecting a trove of evidence. Testimonies from loyal DOJ and FBI workers have been collected but not followed up by the DOJ. AG Barr has said he will investigate the FISA warrant and the spying on the Trump campaign. Now he has to move forward and indict. We must also be praying he will go further than just the FISA warrant and spying but pursue all “Deep State” cases like “Fast and Furious”, “Uranium One”, “Clinton emails”, The Clinton Foundation, “The Awan case” and related actors. The Swamp must be cleaned out!

I am also praying protection for “Deep State” actors. I believe someone has enough inside information to blow this whole thing wide open. “The Deep State” will not sit by idly and let a whistle-blower talk. I will be praying that person comes forward and God will protect them.

We must also be praying the investigations into Trump’s finances do not happen. Experts know a huge organization like the Trump Empire, auditors will find three financial irregularities every day. Democrats are like dogs that will not let go of the bone, wasting the governments and Trump team’s time, distracting them from leading the country. Remember to keep a right attitude. We do not do this out of malice or revenge but out of justice and truth!

This Church is what we are facing! A very challenging, but hugely important intercession to ensure the States continues to move forward and come into her destiny. Miss this intercession, corruption and abuse of power will continue, socialism will take hold. As history proves, countries who go down that road end in revolution and self-destruction. Let’s keep praying Church.

Do not faint!

Prayer points

  1. AG Barr and families protection, peace and strength
  2. Barr finds all abuses of power and illegal actions in the FISA warrant and spying on the Trump campaign
  3. Barr identifies all abuses of power and illegal actions in DOJ, FBI and government departments
  4. Barr has courage to indict all “Deep State” actors
  5. God’s protection of all “Deep State” whistle-blowers
  6. Prevent investigation of Trumps’ finances


  1. “LICENSED TO LIE” by Sidney Powell

A book written in the narrative style of a legal thriller, but it’s true and it names names–many of which you hear in the news every day.
This true legal thriller debunks everything the media and the government told us about the Department of Justice’s destruction and prosecution of the venerable accounting firm Arthur Andersen, Merrill Lynch executives who did one business transaction with Enron, Alaska Senator Ted Steven’s, and more. The common thread through it all is a cabal of narcissistic federal prosecutors who broke all the rules and rose to great power.
Still in the news today, Robert Mueller’s “pitbull” Andrew Weissmann and other members of Obama’s inner circle are wreaking havoc on our Republic. This is the book that began exposing “the Deep State.” (watch video)

2. “The Deep State” timeline

*Hannity: We are inching closer to truth and justice
Apr. 10, 2019 – 16:42 – Attorney General William Barr testifies ‘spying did occur’ on Trump campaign, announces plans to investigate. (watch video)

3. Mueller Tactics

Sidney Powell: FBI Raids Michael Cohen’s Office (watch video)

4. The full story and analysis by Dr. Hansen. A must watch

We discuss Dr. Hansen’s new book, and how his observations about the Mueller investigation and the related extraordinary efforts by various parties to remove the president from office have matured since the time of the book’s writing. We further explore President Trump’s unorthodox strategy to engage the American electorate.
(watch video)

5. John Kilpatrick prophecy

Jezebel’s Witchcraft Working to Take Over America: John Kilpatrick
(watch video)


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