Covid-19 Prophecies for America

I try to tell the truth in our newsletters no matter how difficult the prophecy. I do not respect people who simply tickle the ears. It is neither honest nor helpful. The book of Revelations must be one of the most difficult prophecies to accept where millions lose their lives, hordes of animals die, mountains are removed and oceans poisoned. We wonder how anyone can survive and those who do survive, what life will be like!

When we hear prophecies like this we must be courageous because God wants to prepare us and not make us afraid. Some people reject tough words but God wants us to be discerning and prepare so we can pass through, and even prosper during these challenging times.

I listen to several prophets, who have a good track record, because the Lord does not tell one prophet everything that is going to happen. By putting all the pieces together we have a more balanced view of what God is saying. The following prophecies are for America but there will be consequences for other nations, so I am writing this newsletter to everyone.

Many prophets have had words about the covid-19 pandemic and say, there are more to come. (see prophecies below) James Goll and Tracy Cooke had dreams saying the virus came out of the laboratory. Tracy Cooke says it was engineered in the laboratory.

Chuck Pierce prophesied America will be attacked by China and Russia using biological weapons, cyber weapons and economic attacks. Tracy Cooke also prophesied China will attack America with biological weapons. We see the spirits behind those nations, Leviathan and Behemoth, are the same spirits behind the rioting and looting in America.

Chuck Pierce said these attacks will come in the near future. Rick Joyner sensed the attacks will be soon. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj said the attacks will happen early 2021. Tracy Cooke says the attacks will be through clothing, needles (possibly vaccines) and flying objects.

Charles Shamp had a word that electrical grids and gadgets would melt. (This would indicate an attack using Electronic Magnetic Pulse) This could easily affect the whole of America so we must protect all our gadgets. I hope the government will respond before the attack and protect the grids.

Frank Amedia and Tracy Cooke say these attacks are about President Trump and some are about the coming elections. President Trump is doing a great job standing up for righteousness and justice, keeping evil forces within and without accountable for their actions. Ps. Amedia saw Trump sinking up to his neck in the DC swamp then God’s hand reached down and picked him out of the swamp. Keep praying for the President!

God will stand with countries who walk uprightly and honour the blood so it is critical for intercessors to pray for the Church to walk uprightly. God gave America a sign that righteousness will spread throughout the nation, Hank Kunnaman. After Hank prophesied every state was covered in snow confirming the nation will turn to God.

Dutch Sheets also gave an encouraging word saying, America is moving forward, revival is coming but the devil wants to stop what God is doing. This is also happening in our nation but we are not afraid and keep pressing forward. So this is not a nice word but let’s be encouraged and not afraid, the final chapter is good.

We must be asking God how this will affect us, our country and how to prepare. The Holy Spirit has been speaking to prophets in the States for several years saying, go online. During a pandemic an online Church is the way to go.

Our Church had 360 salvations with follow-up, during lockdown!. Christian Broadcasting Network have had millions of salvations online. Founder Pat Robertson has words of knowledge for people who are healed when prayed for online. Some Church activities can be done online although challenging. With more pandemics coming the Church must think digitally.

God’s people must be praying and interceding against the various attacks. We can protect our country and turn the attacks around so let us be strong and courageous.

Keep watching Keep praying!

Love Tim and Faith


Tracy Cooke:
God gave me a dream that they would try to impeach him but the impeachment would fall. Then they would try to… they needed leverage. Then into my dream in China, so God deals with me more like he did with Daniel in dreams. He shows me prophetic stages to what’s happening in the world.
I’m in Honduras and I had this dream for two hours and I’m taken to this laboratory room. I see these scientists creating the virus and the threats of this virus would come through on the garments and the machine shooting in the air and their needles like vaccines.
(watch video)

Rick Joyner:
Getting Serious. Bio warfare which he felt was coming soon. He spoke this in May 2020
(watch video)

Chuck Pierce:
Prophesied bio, cyber and economic war by C&R against America. The prophecy was given during a meeting so was not recorded or filed separately.
A later update by Chuck re China and what is about to come. Begins at 35 mins
(watch video)

Sahdu Sundar Selvaraj:
Pandemic worse than covid19 coming. He prophesies the pandemic will strike America early 2021 (the original video is no longer available. The link below does not mention America specifically but about severe viruses appearing in 2021)
(watch video)

James Goll:
In early January, I began having short dreams about laboratories in China. In the dreams, each one would expand and lead to the next installment. I waited, prayed, and pondered the matter. I inquired of the Lord.
In January, after the third dream taking place in a laboratory in Wuhan, the voice of the Lord came to me: “Some will say the epidemic came (originated) from a ‘wet market’ in China. But it did not. It came from a biotech laboratory in Wuhan, China.” I honestly did not know what to do with this, except hold it, pray into it and wait.
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An encouraging word for America: Hank Kunnaman
Prophesied on the Sid Roth show. A sign righteousness will reign in the US. Parts of ALL 50 States will be covered in Snow.
This rare weather event hasn’t happened since 2010.
By Madison Alcedo
Jan 18, 2018
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Dutch Sheets
Is America going to be overtaken by other governments? Are we facing a governmental collapse in November 2020? Dutch Sheets says, “No.” Hear his comments and thoughts regarding an apocalyptic message that is currently being spread across America.
Note: you must LISTEN to Dutch’s entire response as it’s in podcast form (link to listen is at the bottom of this article).
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