Death then Resurrection

Dutch Sheets received over forty prophecies saying Trump would be a second term President. Ten of these prophecies said, at times it will look impossible so do not give up. Well, it now looks impossible but everything is working out according to God’s plan and timing. In intercession, there is a death before resurrection. Trump’s removal from office looks like a death but God will resurrect his office, bringing Trump back as a second term President.

God warned through Chuck Pierce and Rick Joyner that God’s judgement is coming on America because the Church is not walking uprightly. Chuck Pierce’s word said, God has given America grace to repent but if they did not turn, then God was going to cut them down, Matt 3:10. That time would be 2021.

Rick Joyner had dreams of America turning to the extreme left, terrible evil coming across the southern border and civil war. Civil war is happening to some extent with the riots over summer but what Rick saw was worse than this. Rick Joyner also saw martial law bringing order back to America. The cause of all this trauma was because the Church was not walking uprightly, 2 Chronicles 7:14.

God called the Church to repentance, under Franklin Graham and Jonathan Cann, where many turned in genuine repentance. God confirms there are enough Christians walking uprightly by giving a sign on Dec 2nd, a star falling from heaven. This confirmed the demonic force over the elections, Valkyrie, has fallen. A little later Dutch Sheets was given another sign while in DC, Michael the archangel is fighting for America.

Hank Kunneman also received a sign saying, the change in Trump’s Presidency will be confirmed by the winds of God’s fists. During the betrayal of Trump this month, winds of over 100 miles an hour struck the States. Therefore God’s judgement has not come to the States but to those who cheated in the elections. Things look impossible but God spoke three words and confirmed with three significant signs, that he is still moving.

Rees Howells learnt, in intercession there is death before resurrection. The Holy Spirit prophesied through Hank Kunneman and Jim Whitley that Trump must first be betrayed then change will come. Just as Jesus died and rose from the dead, Trump’s Presidency must also die and God is going to resurrect Trump, bringing him back to office as a second term President.

Therefore God has not judged America, they turned in time and avoided his judgement. America’s turning was confirmed by signs: a star falling from heaven, a prophecy while Dutch Sheets was in DC and the extreme winds during Pres. Trump’s betrayal.

God also said through Hank Kunneman, do not look at dates for this to happen but God’s fist will come down in the wind. During the time of Trump’s betrayal, extreme winds blew in eight States confirming God’s word.

God is not working according to our plan, ideas or timetable. His promise of Trump winning the election has been fulfilled with Trump winning by a massive margin. Unfortunately, by various methods the election was stolen and Biden is President, but only for a while. Everything is working according to God’s plan and time.

Everything is working according to God’s plan and time

So we must be strong in faith, declaring Trump is a second term President. God works through our faith so if we doubt or waver, God cannot move and we will lose the promise, James :6-8. Continue walking uprightly, maintaining the godly standard we achieved in Christ until now. Do not compromise or backslide in any area of our life otherwise we can also lose God’s promise or our faith can be weakened, 1 Timothy 1:19.

Continue to seek the Lord and obey what he says. He may still require us to do more so he can bring Trump back into office. God spoke to Rick Joyner saying, the States is in trauma because the Church is not living up to 2 Chronicles 7:14. Very few are seeking his face so intercessors, we must be praying for the Church to turn to God and walk in his ways. Pastors must be teaching, challenging and encouraging the people to walk uprightly.

Dutch Sheets received a key word for this moment: Pres. Trump, Gen Flynn and the intercessors will bring God’s glory to America. We do not know how this will happen but I encourage everyone, continue to pray until breakthrough or you receive a promise. It will come.

Therefore America is now in a very dangerous place. Good is being called evil with conservatives being demonized and cancelled. Where insurrection is called questioning serious electoral violations. Where it is possible to steal an election won by huge margins. Where Trump is out of office and Biden is President. Everything looks impossible and it appears there is nothing we can do. But God has spoken and there must be a death before resurrection.

Just like Jesus drove out the money changers and confronted the hypocrisy of the Pharisees, we pray against the enemies of God. Whenever the enemy hindered progress of the gospel, the enemy became a target for Rees Howells’ intercessions. Interceding against Hitler and the Nazis, Rees took a very active stand defeating them in battles as the Holy Spirit led. We pray the wheels of America’s enemies run heavy, they be confused, divided and all their plans (correction: unbliblical plans) fail. We declare righteousness reign and exalt the nation.

God is still moving, his people are still following and he is in control. Do not look on the circumstances because God is going to turn everything around and resurrect Trump’s Presidency, if we do not give up.

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