The Last Stand

We continue to spend several hours each day praying for the US elections. We declare Trump will win, we follow the news for more developments and listen to the prophets for God’s direction. This election has become a very complex type of intercession with no one word or prayer bringing the answer but with multiple twists and turns moving forward. When everything seemed hopeless God gave a sign, a shooting star (see pic) from heaven, as tens of thousands prayed for the elections.

I am shocked to see elections, in such an advanced country, become corrupted like a third world country. Jimmy Carter warned America that mail-in ballots were the greatest source of fraud yet so many Democrat led States changed their laws allowing mass mail-in ballots, just before the elections.

Some States passed laws ignoring signature checks and delaying receiving mail-in ballots. Just before the election, Georgia bought the Dominion counting machines which are known to be vulnerable to hacking. The amount of fraud resulting from these decisions is astounding. Were they foolish or fraudulent decisions?

The situation surrounding the elections keep changing. Court orders are thrown out despite massive evidence and explanations do not pass the sniff test. People are lying about signature verification, ballots and the counting machines. Some Legislators can change the accreditation of the electoral votes but we do not know if there are enough people in agreement. The SC could step in and call the Pennsylvania election void, but it has not. Then shockingly, AG Barr says there is no evidence of wide spread fraud!

Mail-in ballots for everyone! According to the Pennsylvania government website, which was later removed, there were 700,000 more ballots counted than mailed out! A truck driver signed a sworn affidavit saying, he delivered 300,000 ballots to Pennsylvania from New York. Remember Trump was leading by 800,000 votes before mail-in ballots were counted. An audit of the ballots would find if the extra 700,000 ballots had been printed rather than filled in by hand.

A lawyer from Pennsylvania, rang 1,000 randomly chosen Republicans asking if they voted. Ten percent of voters were told a mail-in ballot had already been received or they had not voted but records show a mail-in ballot had been received for them. In Pennsylvania, a 10% difference is enough to change the results. How about the other swing States?

A Republican received a mail-in ballot, choosing Biden, already filled out by a printer. In Georgia a video caught poll workers, including a monitor, pulling ballots out from under a table then counting them multiple times (Mayor Giuliani). According to the counting machines 95% of the votes were for Biden, changing the result of their election. Other States have signed affidavits saying ballots were counted multiple times. How many ballots, counted multiple times, have changed the results of the election?

How about signature checks! Signature checks on mail-in ballots were not required or prevented in all swing States. Previous elections show 3-15% of signatures are rejected. Republican observers were harassed and forced out of counting rooms if they challenged signatures. One observer saw 200,000 passing through the machines unchecked, enough to change the results. Therefore if the swing States followed previous standards, the results would have changed. Biden loses, Trump wins.

Many countries do not use computerized counting machines. In 2018 a Senate committee was told by an expert how to change results with Dominion machines. Counting machines in the swing States, which have massive and questionable results, use Dominion machines. The machines have been tested by hackers and took 10-60 minutes to crack. The hacker’s advice, use paper ballots!

In Michigan 6,000 ballots were changed from Biden to Trump first claimed as a glitch but later said to be human error. One Dominion worker signed an affidavit saying, he witnessed other Dominion workers changing results many times. Another computer expert signed an affidavit saying, he saw poll workers in Pennsylvania insert USB thumb drives multiple times into machines resulting in spikes of up to 600,000 votes. Those spikes gave 99.5% for Biden and only 0.5% for Trump. Spikes in Wisconsin and Michigan have Biden winning 95% of the votes. Those figures are impossible and change the results in those States.

Trump’s lawyers are also taking the Pennsylvania case to the Supreme Court. The Pennsylvania SC changed the law on receiving late ballots which is unlawful. When rejected this will change the result, Biden loses Trump wins Pennsylvania. Universal mail-in ballot will also be taken to the SC as unconstitutional so that can affect all the swing States and turn the election around.

Trump must now find a way to walk back this fraud. Chuck Pierce has given a very sober warning. If the country fails to turn back the election results, America will become like other tyrannical countries. Listening to the Democrats socialist policies, it is obvious what will happen. Really this is America’s last stand. Lose this and the country will never be the same. It is not a pretty picture and time is running out but God is also moving.

Just when things could not get worse, God gave a sign. A prophesy was made saying, demonic forces influencing the elections would be broken if we prayed till 3am on the 2nd of December. In Pennsylvania, as the clock struck 3am, a shooting star fell behind the tower. God gave a sign, the demonic forces influencing the elections had been broken, the elections will turn around. The following day a video from Georgia surfaced proving suspicious vote counting activity which can change the results.

Most Republicans in the Senate and House believe there are problems with the election and do not call Biden, President-elect. Facebook have now removed Biden’s title, President-elect. Seventy percent of Republicans and thirty percent of Democrats believe there are problems with the elections. Michigan has been granted permission to investigate 22 Dominion machines. We are making progress.

Let’s not drop down our guard although we are making progress. Chuck Pierce prophesied, we must keep praying until January 18th. Dutch Sheets gave another word; we must follow Trump’s lawyer’s cases and be praying with them. Their strategy is challenging Republican Legislators, Senate and House, in the swing States to question the integrity of the elections and then decide who receives the electoral votes. Challenges can also go to the House of Representatives and Senate in January so let’s not stop praying.

Lou Engle was given a word, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona will turn red. Rick Joyner was given 2 Chronicles 7:14, the elections will turn around if the Church turns. Frank Amedia has also been given a word so we continue to listen to these Prophets and pray accordingly. The situation continues to change and so must our prayer focus.

Many prophets have words saying Trump will be a second term President so we must be strong in faith and not give up. Let’s keep declaring a win for Trump and do not stop praying. With God’s help we will win.

Our prayer strategy

  1. The Lord encourages Trump and his teams’ faith in Christ to turn around the election
  2. Declare and believe, according to prophecies, Trump will be a second term President
  3. Pray with and for Trump’s lawyers strategy; widespread fraud be recognised by legislators in the States and DC then decide on the electoral votes, the SC decide the Pennsylvania case and mass mail-in ballots
  4. Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona turn red
  5. A just result in Wisconsin and Michigan
  6. Declare and believe demonic forces have been broken over the elections
  7. Declare all fraud and evil be exposed and brought to justice, that God will show mercy in his judgment

Standing with the States
Tim & Faith

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