USA, a process of Intercession

Many have criticised Prophets who said, Pres. Trump would be a two term President. I would say, those who prophesied Trump would win and win by a landslide are correct. Looking at publicly available statistics, it is clear the election was stolen. God is not going to leave it there but he continues to move. For this blog I will draw from prophecies by Chuck Pierce, Rick Joyner, Hank Kunneman and Frank Amedia.

Right now, the States is in a complex intercession for the soul of the nation and victory is assured, so let’s not give up. In many countries, intercession is playing an increasingly important role as nations face a tipping point. The States is at such a point. They can become a “Light on a hill” as God promised or become an evil nation. Under the current administration, it is clear the direction they have chosen but there is still hope.

In this blog, I would like to focus on the process of intercession because this is where the States is now. The same principles apply to New Zealand and Malaysia, although Malaysia is making a dramatic turn around and has made far more progress compared to New Zealand. It is very encouraging.

Some intercessions are simple, one off events. God gives us a word, we pray it through then wait in faith for the answer. Some are complex and involve differing prayers, points of obedience, worship, apparent failures and tests of faith, before finally getting victory. Right now, the States is nearing the end of a complex intercession and victory is assured.

It is clear the election was stolen. Americans also realise the SC, DOJ, FBI and Legislators let down the people. They neither ensured an honest election nor corrected the travesty afterwards. Americans must realise how corrupt their country, especially Democrats, have become. Now the Democrats and fake media are trying to prevent news getting out or cancelling people to hide the truth.

Now there is a ground swell of people realising this and asking, what to do next? America has hit rock bottom with no way out, except God. Christians who know God and have been following events, know there is still hope and a way forward, if we do not give up.

Dutch Sheets was given over forty prophecies saying, Trump would win the election and be a two term President. Ten prophecies said, at times it would look impossible so do not give up! Well it cannot become more impossible than now, but stolen goods can still be recovered. I have written a lot about available statistics showing Trump won, so I won’t repeat them. Pennsylvania was the most glaring example of massive cheating, so click here to see what I wrote earlier. My focus will be on what God has said, what signs God gave and why we must continue to stand in faith.

Personally I do not have a word about the elections, simply a burden to pray Trump wins and all corruption be exposed. Certainly, those prayers have been answered but God’s promise went further, that Trump would be a second term President. This prayer has still to be answered. There are other prophecies which have yet to be fulfilled; Chuck Pierce, that Trump must find a way to reverse the steal (my words not Chuck’s).

Dutch Sheets, pray success for Trump’s lawyers Giuliani and Ellis, demons opposing elections have fallen and Michael the archangel is fighting for the elections. Hank Kunneman God’s justice and cleansing is coming. Lou Engle that Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona will flip from blue to red. None of these prayers have been answered yet, so we must not give up.

A key to successful intercession is, each intercessor must get their own word from God. It is not enough to rely on other’s guidance but each person have this assurance from God. If you have been praying for the elections but not received that assurance of Trump’s second term, keep praying until God speaks to you.

Many prayers have failed but sometimes there is failure on the way to victory. Twice Israel asked God, shall we go up against Benjamin, Judges 20? God said yes and twice they were defeated with a loss of 40,000 lives! That will shock a lot of people’s theology but that is what happened. A third time Israel inquired of the Lord who said, yes go up against Benjamin.

How many Christians would ask a second or third time and after such a heavy loss? Only those who are strong, courageous and know their God, would ask a third time. Israel went out to war and got victory the third time. What if they had given up the first or second time? The sin of Benjamin would have polluted the land leading to the death of far more people.

Dutch Sheets’ word for Trump’s lawyers said, intercessors are needed to pray for the court cases Trump is filing. Sadly, the SC rejected clear violations of the Constitution without giving a reason. Judges also rejected many cases without even considering the evidence. However one prayer for Arizona, of a full independent audit, has been answered so let’s be strong in faith. Keep praying for a successful audit and the truth be exposed. This may be the first State to flip from blue to red.

Neither has Chuck Pierce’s word, that Trump must find a way to reverse the apparent election loss. Hank Kunneman’s prophecy of God’s judgment and cleansing has not been answered either. Hank continues to declare Trump will be a second term President, so let’s do the same.

We have lost many prayers but God is still on the job and the thieves will be brought to justice. How do we know God is still on the job? I will share this in the next blog. Until then, keep praying until God gives you an assurance, be strong in faith and keep yourself encouraged in the Lord. We will win if we do not give up.

Standing with the States

Love Tim and Faith

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