Joe is sliding away

Sadly Joe Biden is losing his mental capacity. The Democrats know it, the public knows it and so does Putin. Everyone knows what is happening so Biden keeps hiding?

The Democrats have no person to match Trump, their politicies are destructive and God is not with them. They will use any method, legal and illegal, to stay in power.

There is ending the filibuster, H.R.1, making DC a State and packing the Court. One other tactic is illegal immigration to shift the balance of power. America must wake up and stand up to what is going on.

We declare an end to all of Democrats destructive policies, give Republicans and citizens wisdom to annul their activities

MaxNews: As some citizens and lawmakers wonder about the mental and physical health of Joe Biden, the oldest sitting president in US history, physician Dr. Zuhdi Jasser breaks down the different ‘red flags’ he sees and determines where doctor-patient confidentiality stops and responsibility to disclose information to the public begins.

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