Biden Win Premature!

Biden calling himself President Elect is premature. The presidency is not decided by the media but Congress on Dec 12th. There are so many question marks and red flags of unconstitutional voting laws, ballot dumps and computer glitches which must be investigated before a President can be elected. Remember Al Gore.

Investigations must involve enough ballots to affect the election outcome. First, the unconstitutional election law enacted by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court affects 350,000 ballots. The ballot dump in Wisconsin affects 138,000 ballots and third, computer glitches affecting thousands of votes in Michigan could also affect results in 30 States.

One Republican received a ballot, pre filled Democrat, which was produced by a printer. Sydney Powell has called for an audit of the ballots so this could compromise thousands of ballots, possibly affecting the Presidential race and the Senate. These facts are not being reported by the fake media. So to say there is no evidence of fraud is simply not true, there is an abundance of evidence but it is hidden from the public by the Democrats and fake media.

Daniel Pierce, months ago, had a dream where an evil person corrupted the election process in Pennsylvania. Their law does not require signature checks or observers! Is that constitutional? Whoever masterminded the corruption there must be exposed and brought to justice.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, just before the election, changed the law saying ballots could be received three days after polls closed. SC’s do not have the authority to change election laws, only the legislative branch can do that. Giuliani estimates 350,000 ballots are illegal. Another loss for Biden.

On the morning of Nov 4, huge ballot dumps went into Michigan and Wisconsin. Wisconsin had 138,000 ballots counted around 6am in the morning, long after poll workers went home. Assuming they were mail in ballots, because polls closed 10pm the night before, each ballot has two envelops which have to be opened, signatures and addresses checked, then the ballot counted.

Can 276,000 envelopes be opened, 138,000 signatures and addresses checked then counted all within a few minutes? It so happened, all 138,000 ballots went to VP Biden! On average 60-90% of mail in ballots went to Biden therefore it is impossible for all 138,000 ballots to be for Biden. At the very least 13,800 votes should have gone to Trump. If these were ballots from the previous day’s election then the majority would go to Trump.  A huge red flag which must be investigated.

I suspect the 138,000 ballots were not in envelopes, no signatures or addresses and possibly computer generated ballots filled in for Biden. These 138,000 ballots all went into the machine together so counting completed in extra quick time! Or did the computer just add 138,000 votes? Is this a quick and easy fix putting Biden in the lead?

One problem, people counting the ballots did not realise the computer was watching and recorded the 138,000 ballots live, broadcasting the sham to the whole world! Drat their crime was exposed! Therefore 138,000 less votes for Biden in Wisconsin and a loss!

That same day Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia stopped counting and stopped reporting. Pennsylvania said they won’t resume counting until three days later! Why stop counting? This could give them time to figure a way of finding which areas in the States have large numbers of Democrats so they can build up the numbers without dumping ballots into the system! Plan B went into action but people should be very suspicious. In 2016 all these States finished counting within a few days. Larger States like New York and California had finished their counting so why couldn’t they? Again a huge red flag.

Jay Sekulow (Trump’s lawyer) said, If 30 states have used a software that there’s already proved to be a glitch of 6,000 votes in one balloting area (Antrim County, MI), and now you’ve got over 30 states using it(the software), lawyers should be in every one of those jurisdictions, demanding the fix and demanding a manual recount. This could change results of many States and not just the Presidential election. More possible losses for Biden!

John Waage (Christian Broadcasting Network) heard the Lord say to him, “You will be astounded by the results!” Waage predicts 325 for the House. When we see 70M people voting for Trump, the outstanding numbers coming to the rallies in the middle of a pandemic, Trump’s and other Republicans numbers may be far higher than recorded.

Some other interesting facts. The above five States, who stopped counting ballots on Nov 4th, are all Democrat led States which changed their election laws just before the election. These States have whistle blowers coming forward testifying under oath of pre-filled ballots, poll workers filling in ballots, entering registered voters who did not vote, postal workers altering dates on ballots and ballots for people who have died or moved out of the State. These may not affect the election outcome but all legal votes should be counted.

The seven States which have ballot problems are all toss ups States which Trump or Biden could win. Note there are no counting errors, missing signature checks, address problems or dumps in other safe States. It really looks like the above problems are excuses, lies and deliberate efforts to change the outcome of an election. Neither did those seven States take days to count results in 2016. Another red flag!

The Trump team is going to pursue every vote. This is a good idea because it could expose the extent of Democrat corruption in America. The Republicans may also pick up more Senate and House seats, here’s hoping. People have had enough of Hillary Clinton starting the false Trump/Russia collusion, the FBI lying to the FISA Court and manipulating investigations, Obama and Biden allowing the pursuit of Flynn knowing Flynn did nothing wrong, starting the Mueller investigation knowing Clinton started the whole scam. People flee countries who do things like that. People want to live in a country which treats their people fairly.

Chuck Pierce says, now is a defining moment for the nation. I thought the elections could decide if America becomes socialist or remains democratic, but Chuck says it is much worse than that. He likens the period ahead to walking through a swamp. We must walk through carefully, testing the ground before taking another step. I believe this would apply to President Trump and the intercessors.

We must be seeking the Lord daily for ourselves, President Trump and his teams. Chuck had a dream showing a ship being reversed back into port. He believe this applies to President Trump coming back into the majority and retaining the Presidency. So we must be praying wisdom and insight for Trump and his team to achieve this.

Put aside all doubt and wavering for he who wavers will receive nothing from God!

I have noticed some people prophesy Trump will be President then in the next breath say, “but if Biden wins” …… etc! Faith says, Trump HAS won! God has spoken to many prophets that Trump will win the election so we must put aside all doubt and wavering. Do not even consider Trump will lose. He will not lose if we continue to declare God’s promise and have faith.

We must also examine our hearts for anything displeasing to the Lord. Before the elections I was asking the Lord, is there anything hindering my prayers for the elections and Trump’s win. The Holy Spirit showed me an area of my life where I have still not overcome. Remember God’s purpose is for us to become like Christ. It is not to do better but to be transformed by the Holy Spirit and be conformed to the image of his Son.

Prayer cannot be faked. Answered prayer is conditional on our obedience and godliness, turning from all those things which offend God. Faith is also key, believing with all our hearts that Trump will be President for a second term and the Senate remain Republican. This is God’s promise and will happen if we do not give up. I’m going to throw in a prayer for the House to turn Republican. Why not go for gold.

Prayer Points

  1. Wisdom, revelation and understanding for President Trump and his teams to win the election*/**
  2. Discretion for President Trump and teams
  3. For intercessors to hear from God and move forward carefully and prayerfully, reversing all ballot fraud*/**
  4. Republicans retain the Senate therefore have ballot audits in Michigan and North Carolina**
  5. Whistle blowers expose the ballot dumps in Michigan and Wisconsin**
  6. The Supreme Court throw out the Pennsylvania SC decision to extend the date of ballot counting**
  7. All computer glitches or hacking be exposed and recounts in the 30 States affected**
  8. Republicans win the House*/**
  9. All corruption, fraud and tampering of election and ballots be exposed and the truth known**
  10. The perpetrator of evil corruption in Pennsylvania be exposed and brought to justice*/**
  11. All legal votes counted, all illegal votes found and thrown out**

* guidance received

** priority prayers, pray until get breakthrough

Your Standing Ones

Love Tim & Faith


Jay Sekulow said, If 30 states have used a software that there’s already proved to be a glitch of 6,000 votes in one balloting area (Antrim County, MI), and now you’ve got over 30 states using it, lawyers should be for the campaign in every one of those jurisdictions, demanding the fix and demanding a manual recount.

In 2005 Democrats, under President Carter proved absentee voting is the single greatest opening for massive fraud.

Tracy Cooke and Kevin Zadai share the latest prophetic updates on the election. President Trump will win re-election!

The whistle blower claimed to have been instructed to count ballots that lacked the requisite signatures to be eligible.

Some states where they are not even telling us how many ballots they have counted, how many are left, they are not getting reports that we will get back to you in 24 hours, that are completely dark. That also breeds distrust. People have no idea what in the world is going on. So, I say again – there needs to be total transparency in this process. Allow poll-watchers to come in from both parties. States should be giving regular updates so the American people can have confidence going forward. We are going to have to pursue election integrity reforms.”

Vote dumps entirely for former Vice President Joe Biden are not credible, assessed Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative and a senior legal fellow of the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies

Weird reports coming out of votes only for one candidate and not the other, you’ve got to question, what exactly is going on?”

Chuck Pierce: A Defining Time in the History of Our Nation

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