Covid questions!

March 31, 2021 Tim 0

By late March 2020 there was sufficient evidence to show, covid-19 affects the elderly who have serious health problems. Therefore Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea, South […]

The Biden charade

March 27, 2021 Tim 0

I don’t know how long Biden and the Democrats can keep up the charade. Biden is losing his mind and everyone knows it. It is […]

Voting machines rejected

March 26, 2021 Tim 1

Michigan has rejected using voting machines in their 2021 election. Louisiana and Iowa are also rejecting voting machines. Wise decisions. There is so much evidence […]

Beyond Pentecost

March 24, 2021 Tim 0

Passover 2020 was an historic event for the Church. Never in Church history have Christians been locked in their homes as a plague swept across […]

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Joe is sliding away

March 24, 2021 Tim 0

Sadly Joe Biden is losing his mental capacity. The Democrats know it, the public knows it and so does Putin. Everyone knows what is happening […]

The media mountain

March 23, 2021 Tim 0

Far left political parties know the power of controlling the media. It is one of three mountains which can transform a nation. Eighty percent of […]