Covid questions!

By late March 2020 there was sufficient evidence to show, covid-19 affects the elderly who have serious health problems. Therefore Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea, South Dakota and others did not lock-down, did not require masks but took special care of their elderly population.

Mortality rates were very low, economies not destroyed, businesses not destroyed, unemployment did not skyrocket, suicides and drug abuse did not skyrocket and children went to school. Over 60% of Swedes now have immunity!

Does it make sense to lock-down a country when only 2% of the population are affected. Wouldn’t it be better to lock-down the 2%?

  1. Is Dr. Fauci lying?
    Sen. Rand Paul rips Fauci as ‘unconcerned with liberty,’ ‘not being honest with the American public’ Fauci says there is no evidence that people with immunity can spread covid-19 but he wants people who have been vaccinated, to wear two masks.

  1. True Covid-19 statistics
    If the CDC had abided by the guidelines for reporting causes of deaths that they had been using for nearly two decades, the total COVID-19 fatalities would have been approximately 92 percent lower than what was reported.

According to the calculations by the IPAK and the PHPI, by today’s numbers, that would take the 468,000 reported deaths down to just under 35,000.

  1. Hydroxychloroquine saves lives
    Many lives could have been saved if fake news had not criticise hydroxychloroquine. Doctors explains amazing results of early treatment, hydroxychloroquine.

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