The continuing process of Intercession

The States is in what I call, “The process of intercession”. Some intercessions are simple, one off events. Some are complex and involve differing prayers, points of obedience, worship, apparent failures and tests of faith, before finally getting victory. Right now, the States is nearing the end of a complex intercession for Trump’s second term and victory is assured.

In this blog I would like to show why Trump’s second term is assured, encourage ourselves with the victories gained so far and what still needs to be done to ensure a second term. Some aspects of the election and the following aftermath still astound me and are difficult to understand, but we must keep focused. Our job is not over so I will also share what actions, declarations and intercessions still need to be made to ensure victory.

There have been some successful answers to our prayers. A forensic audit was done on one counting machine in Michigan where the user log and security log had been deleted. Clear evidence of someone trying to hide evidence of fraud. Arizona examined another machine and found 80% of the ballots were decided by the machine operators. Again clear evidence of people manipulating the results.

Georgia has found 400,000 ballots without a clear chain of custody! Were these ballots also delivered from NY, like the ballots in Pennsylvania? Again, proof of fraud which changes Georgia’s results. I have recorded Pennsylvania election frauds, which are shocking, so I won’t repeat them but they also change the results. Biden loses all these States, Trump wins.

Georgia also won a law suit saying election machines are vulnerable to hacking and foreign influence. White hat security experts analyzed packets of data going in and out of the counting center. They have now shown results were manipulated giving Biden extra votes and removing Trumps. The numbers can change the election results.

Montana just completed a full audit of mail-in-ballots and found 6.7% without envelops, which is illegal. Were they also shipped from NY? Another 0.3% did not have signatures or had duplicates, again illegal. This has serious implications for elections in all States. Arizona is in the process of an audit of all election materials including machines. This will prove how serious and widespread the fraud really is.

Lou Engle prophesied Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona will flip blue to red. Maybe Arizona will be the first to flip so let’s keep declaring this in faith. It will happen! So our prayers to expose fraud are being answered but we must not give up until an honest election result is given and Trump is back in office.

After Trump’s apparent loss, some have given opinions to explain why. Some have said he lost because of pride, Trump has no longer got his sights on the Presidency so we should also move on. I listened to these words but found, no one has a word from the Lord, they are only giving opinions. Not one person has received a word that Trump lost the election. God always warns and says when we have failed, therefore Trump has not failed.

At times like this we must have God’s opinion and if he has not said anything, we should keep quiet otherwise others can stumble. We can still lose the promise if we doubt or waver, so everyone must be strong in faith. One person who continues to receive words and has not wavered is Hank Kunneman.

Hank Kunneman’s word, God’s time is not our time and he is exposing evil during this period. Evil has certainly been exposed with this administration. The covid relief bill, equity bill, voter suppression bill and infrastructure bills are all frauds and not what they claim to be. They prop up poorly run Democrat States, destroy the moral fabric of society, eradicate America’s democracy and devastate an independent oil industry. If they pack the court, end the filibuster and create two new States, then that is the end of America. It will become like other tyrannical countries and fail to be a light on the hill.

One thing is clear, America is not out of the woods and evil is abounding more and more. Revival is coming as prophesied, election fraud is being exposed as prophesied but there is still a long way to go before God’s cleansing is complete. There is no sign of cleansing yet, it has not even turned the corner so there is still much to be done.

We will not be praying for God to love Biden and his followers. Actually Biden is not leading. The administration is a rehash of the Obama era. I have written before what God thinks of him. We will be praying according to prophecies from Mark Taylor, Cindy Jacobs and others that Biden and the “Deep State” be brought to justice, removing this scourge from the States. We will take the approach Rees Howells took against Hitler and engage in each conflict with prayer. We will be praying confusion, division and failure of all ungodly plans. We will pray wisdom, insight, strength and courage for all godly people who oppose this evil.

If you do not have a personal word that Trump will be a two term President, then pray until God gives you that assurance. If you have that assurance but doubt, throw off all doubt and wavering. Spend time praying in tounges, declare victory daily and put your faith in Christ that Trump will be a two term President.

If you are in a position to speak up and stand up for righteousness, then do it. Faith without works is dead. Don’t be worried about being cancelled but do ask for wisdom, remember God always wins although we may suffer for a season. Be the light and salt wherever you are. Trump did an amazing job in his first term, he will do even better the second term, if we do not give up.

Standing with the States
Love Tim & Faith

Our prayers

  1. Wisdom and revelation for Trump and his team to bring the election victory back
  2. For the church and intercessors to stand in the gap for the government mountain, not to doubt or waver until Trump is returned to office and the government is established in righteousness
  3. Successful audit of all materials in Arizona including voting machines
  4. Righteous Democrats will stand up for good and reject evil
  5. Expose all the “Deep State” evil plans and they all be brought to justice
  6. Biden and the “Deep State” wheels run heavy, confusion in the camp and all evil plans fail

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