Government politicised again?

April 30, 2021 Tim 0

Is the government being politicised again? We saw them politicised under Obama, targeting Trump with the Trump/Russia hoax and unjustly prosecuting Gen Flynn. Why have […]

Charity begins at home

April 30, 2021 Tim 0

Paul taught, if we do not provide for our families we are worse than infidels. “Our Sory” begins at home, touches the church and is […]

BigTech fake media

April 29, 2021 Tim 0

We have fake media and now we have BigTech fake media! BigTech have joined the fake media crowd by manipulating information given to the public. […]

April 28, 2021 Tim 1

Successfully Interceding for Forty Years We grew up in average families but both had their dark side. Tim’s mother was alcoholic and Faith’s father a […]

More fake media propaganda

April 28, 2021 Tim 0

One America News is doing a great job tracking election fraud and keeping up with developments. Over five years ago CNN knew the election counting […]

Fake media falling

April 21, 2021 Tim 0

Fake media outlets and programs continue to lose followers. People are being more discerning and know many media outlets are not reporting the truth. Keep […]