Covid-19 science says 98% of people unaffected!

By late March 2020 there was enough scientific evidence to show, people 55 years and under are virtually unaffected by covid-19. In total, 98% of the population are not affected by covid-19.

Then why lockdown everyone when only 2% get sick or sadly, pass away? It does not make sense. Wouldn’t it be better to lockdown the 2% and give them special care and protection?

Florida Governor DeSantis followed the science, endured the criticism and ignored media cancelling. Florida has lower than average mortality, lower than average unemployment and businesses are thriving. Suicide, drug overdose and divorce did not skyrocket, like it did in lockdown States.

Abraham Lincoln made difficult and unpopular decisions in a time of crisis

Other States and countries followed the same strategy as Florida but very few people talk about those places. Media cancel them and anyone else who speaks against lockdown. The media cause fear by perpetuating negative narratives, contradicting the science.

The successful strategy is to take good care of the sick and elderly, keep social distancing while schools and businesses remain open. Some countries did not insist on masks nor restrict travel.

The effects of cancelling and negative reporting is to stifle discussion, limit research and ensure the lockdown narrative is not questioned. When DeSantis’s conference, on his covid-19 strategy, was cancelled it showed BigTech is going to continue their negative influence on society.

TheEpochTimes: When asked why he chose Lincoln, DeSantis said the President is the best example of a leader who had to make difficult decisions in a time of crisis. When asked why some of the leaders of today have continued with lockdowns—even with ample evidence of their ineffectiveness—the governor theorized that the people involved have committed too much to the narrative and have made it impossible to change course.

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