Our newsletters share what we are thinking and what we are doing but also include a little teaching. One Pastor said, “I always learn something from your newsletters!” This prayer letter shares a lesson from Hezekiah’s life. Hezekiah was a most righteous King but lost every battle except the very last one! Hezekiah’s life is a lesson of perseverance and faith in God, even when everything else is against us.

Rees Howells said about the Bible College of Wales, if we cease to intercede then we cease to be a Bible college. We could say the same about our ministry. Intercession is one of our strengths and if we stop interceding, our ministry would also stop. During sabbatical we continue to be active in intercession with a few new burdens and declarations for intercessions already gained.

We declare victory against the “Deep State” and fake media in the States, for revival in our home town, the Church in New Zealand and Malaysia, the Koreas, Israel and intercessions for family and friends. The Holy Spirit has laid these burdens on our hearts and we try to be faithful to God’s call.

Despite enormous obstacles, we are very encouraged by progress in the States and back home. God’s people continue to press on. The “Deep State” are getting very nervous as more incriminating evidence comes to light. The first indictment from the fake Trump/Russia investigation has been made. AG Barr says there will be further developments before the election. The noose tightens.
Amb Grenell exposed the lies of 35 Obama officials who said publicly, there is evidence Trump colluded with the Russians.

Cleverly, the Senate Republicans put these officials under oath. Under oath they all said, “I haven’t seen any evidence”, “Not to my knowledge”, “None has been presented to me”. All of these officials lied to the American people! Shocking! God is exposing the lies of Obama era officials.

Even more shocking, the fake media outlets who reported these lies never went back and questioned these officials. Just think, someone has been reporting on Trump/Russia collusion based on these officials’ statements but when the officials deny any evidence under oath, the fake media do not ask them, why did you lie to us for two years! It appears the fake media are part of “The Deep State” operating against Trump. We keep declaring the fake media fall but God have mercy and they tell the truth.

However some people are losing sight of the real problem and think Comey went rogue or errors and omissions were made. The travesty goes back further and deeper than Comey! Before Trump’s campaign started, Papadopoulos a Trump campaign worker was offered dirt on Hillary Clinton by Prof. Mifsud. Mueller said Prof. Mifsud is a Russian operative but later we find he worked for the State Department! Papadopoulos later went to prison for lying to the FBI. It appears Papadopoulos was set up by the State. The attempt to obstruct and remove Trump began then.

In a dream the Holy Spirit showed me a “Deep State” operative, maybe Prof Mifsud, will squeal when caught. I continue to declare that operative is caught soon and expose the “Deep State”, hopefully before the elections. It appears most “Deep State” operatives are Democrats and Americans need to know who they are voting for. AG Barr says, the offense occurred during Trump’s term therefore the matter should be resolved during his term! I agree.

Back home the kingdom continues to push back the forces of darkness despite unbelievable pressure. Crime is down, corrupt officials brought to justice, the Red Light District closed and the gospel is preached. At Christmas 2018 our daughter’s Church led 200 to Christ but last year fewer because celebrations were banned. Despite the enormous obstacles the Church keeps moving forward.

We are very encouraged and God has great plans for the nation.
For Israel, the Holy Spirit led us to intercede for PM Netanyahu’s corruption trials. Rick Joyner and Pat Robertson believe the indictments are politically motivated by Israel’s, “Deep State”. It appears to me there is insufficient evidence to indict Netanyahu, much like Trump’s impeachment! While we were praying, Faith had a vision of a judge’s gravel coming down. We believe Netanyahu will receive justice and be exonerated.

I have not seen much change in New Zealand, Malaysia and the Koreas. New Zealand continues to decline despite God’s warnings. A group of us interceded three months for the Church, in 2015, but still no fruit from our intercession. Many ministries and churches are speaking out and encouraging the Church to walk uprightly but still no significant changes in the country.

Sometimes it is good to check the results! Often, I seek the Lord asking why no change but I have not received an answer. We continue to declare God’s promises over the country and to endure patiently.

Malaysia is tipping back into unrighteousness after great progress in 2018. GZion ministry prophesied, if the government reverts back to unrighteousness, things will be seven times worse. We are seeing this beginning to happen. Unfortunately the Church was sleeping, including myself, allowing the country to backslide! It is important to listen to the prophets and keep watch over the government mountain. However we have some guidance and are seeing some encouraging developments. See below.

For the Koreas God has promised unity, denuclearization, then salvation for Kim and his sister who will bring revival to the North. Amazing but true. We continue to declare these promises over the Peninsular despite the situation moving in the opposite direction. Faith does not look at the circumstances but to God’s promises. A delay in answers is not a failure in prayer.

Although there is no change we are encouraged by Hezekiah’s testimony. Hezekiah walked uprightly before God. There was no other King as righteous however he lost every battle then was surrounded in Jerusalem and under siege. Jerusalem was about to fall. Hezekiah went into the Temple and sought God who gave a promise saying, tomorrow you will win!

Imagine losing every battle until you are surrounded with no way of escape. At that moment, when everything is against you and victory impossible, God says tomorrow you will have a great victory. That would be hard to believe. Hezekiah believed God’s promise and the following day God killed 185,000 of the enemy, doing the impossible and bringing victory in a day.

The Koreas looks like this. Everything looks hopeless but I believe God will move and the situation will turn around with unity and revial. For the Koreas God is saying, his discipline will come on Kim if he does not turn. The latest news says Kim is extremely sick or possibly in a coma. Charles Shamp prophesied a great shaking will come to the North with buildings being flattened. This will be a sign of the coming changes.

Despite seeing very few changes in these intercessions, we continue to patiently endure. We believe God will move. We continue to pray and intercede for friends, family and other situations as the Holy Spirit leads. It is exciting to see God move in the nations and be part of what he is doing, even when we do not see results.

Your patiently enduring saints
Tim & Faith

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