Four more years!

Dutch Sheets received over forty prophecies saying Pres. Trump will be a two term President. Over ten prophecies said it will look impossible at times but do not give up. Hank Kunneman has received several words saying, Pres. Trump will win a second term. Both have signs from above confirming these prophecies. Facts prove Trump won the election by a landslide but strangely the SC, DOJ, FBI and Legislators failed to expose the cheating and administer justice.

Now the situation looks totally impossible and Christians have begun to doubt God’s promises. Hank Kunneman continues to receive words saying, God is moving and the situation will turn around. Hank continues to stand in faith, declaring Trump a two term President. We must do the same.

Stand with Hank declaring Trump a two term President

pic by Victory Channel

Here are some publicly available facts from Pennsylvania, about the 2020 election. In Pennsylvania four spikes, totaling 600,000 ballots, were counted with 99.4% for Biden, but only 0.6% for Trump! Those are impossible statistics. Hillary Clinton out performed Biden in 50 major US cities yet these people expect us to believe Biden got 99.4% of those votes.

Machine operators say these spikes are from thumb drives adjusting totals from different counties and precincts. When asked for the thumb drives they said the drives had been lost!

Even worse, 400,000 votes were taken off Trump’s total! Never has a candidate had 400,000 votes removed. Normal elections will have a few votes removed when errors occur but not 400,000! So we have 1M vote discrepancy in Pennsylvania.

pic by Victory Channel

Then the total number of votes counted in Pennsylvania were 206,000 more than registered voters. Further the Secretary of State’s web site reported 1.7M ballots posted out but when all ballots received were counted, there were 2.5M ballots! Where did the other 800,000 come from? We know from one truck driver’s affidavit, 100,000 ballots were delivered from New York. The SOS has since removed these statistics from their website but people wisely recorded pictures as proof.

Why was there massive changes in the numbers of ballots for Biden and against Trump? The reason is simple. Trump got so many votes they tried to figure a way to change the results, giving Biden a win. Similar patterns emerged in the other battle ground States. However the Democrats, machines operators and Electoral Commission people in Pennsylvania overlooked a few simple facts.

They forgot the number of registered voters and pumped in 206,000 too many votes. After pumping up the numbers, they then had to bring in ballots from outside to match what they pumped into the machines. But they forgot how many ballots were posted out and ended up with an extra 800,000 ballots! Now they are trying to erase all the evidence but people have taken pictures of these figures.

There is still evidence sitting on the counting machines and thumb drives but the Secretary of State and Electoral Commission refuse to allow independent analysis. They are panicking big time, knowing their sins will find them out.

Each counting machine took a picture of every ballot so an independent analysis would reveal if ballots were put in two or more times. Then the machines know which ballots are fake. Whoever inserted thumb drives to add votes for Biden or remove Trump’s, have their name, place where votes came from and the total number of votes added or removed.

The machines also record internet connections; what time they connected, what place they connected to and votes added or subtracted. A group of computer experts anticipated election fraud and caught packets of computer data going in and out of election centres on election night. They have now decrypted that data showing how many votes were added to Biden and subtracted from Trump.

To cheat on such a massive scale, you have to be really really smart. Obviously the Democrats and operators were not up to the job. How foolish. But Democrats, machine operators and the fake media continue to lie, cancel, demonize and hinder people who speak the truth.

If this theft is not reversed there will be no 2022 or 2024 election. Democrats are now working to pack the Court, remove the filibuster and create two more States. That will institutionalise Democrat rule for the next 30 years. Game over America! The country will be like other totalitarian States, a place led by rich oligarchs and a nightmare to live in.

Some believe revival will change this but history shows, revival in totalitarian States does not transform the government. Those countries are controlled by a small minority of abusive rich rulers. Uganda is the only country I know of where revival changed a country, but look at the years of immense suffering they had to go through to achieve that. I do not believe this is God’s will for America.

God’s plan revealed so far, is for Trump to be a two term President. Trump has done an amazing job in his ministry as President and another four years will make a huge difference. Trump won the election by massive numbers and if we can analyse computers in all States, we will probably find a lot more Republicans won their elections. Republicans may have even won the House and Senate!

I have not heard any prophecy saying the promises of a second term, have been lost. If we miss God’s promises, which we can, God will always tell us. He told Israel, Judas and warned the Church at Laodicea. I believe God’s promises still stand and God continues to speak to Hank Kunneman who stands with his prophecy, Trump will be a two term President.

Three election prophecies which have not yet been fulfilled. Chuck Pierce was given a word, the election is like a boat that left the dock and Trump must find a way to bring it back. Dutch Sheets was given a word saying, Trump has the key to bring God’s glory to America, Gen Flynn and the intercessors will help him do this. Hank Kunneman had a word saying, Gods fist of judgment has come down on the unjust and a cleansing will come. We must be praying for both revival and God’s will in government.

Pray for both revival and God’s will in government

This may be the biggest test of faith you have ever faced but it is critical you do not lose it. God works through your faith, so if you doubt then Trump will not become a second term President. Trump will be President for a second term if you do not give up! Remember this is not about a man but God’s purposes for America.

This is not about a man but God’s purposes for America

God has given three significant signs to encourage your faith. From experience we have found God gives us a sign when we are going to face a huge test of faith. The first sign was a star falling from heaven on Dec 2nd 2020. As many prayed the demonic forces over the elections fall, a star fell from heaven at the exact time God called people to pray. When Dutch Sheets was in DC praying Michael the archangel would fight for America, someone rang while he was there saying Michael was fighting for America.

Lastly Hank Kunneman’s word, God’s fist of judgment is coming down in the wind and then snow will bring cleansing. Shortly after 100mph winds struck and now snow is bringing the cleansing. Let’s be strong in faith and not doubt, declare plans of the evil one fail and God’s plans succeed.

We must keep believing for God’s promises in the government mountain, keep declaring Trump will be a two term President. Absalom was not counted in the annals of the Kings because he was illegitimate like Biden. Those who prophesied Trump will be a two term President are correct and will happen if we do not give up.

Our prayer

1. Wisdom and revelation for Trump and his team to bring the election victory back

2. Wisdom and insight for Trump, Flynn and intercessors to bring God’s glory to America

3. For the church and intercessors to stand in the gap for the government mountain, not to doubt or waver until Trump is returned to office and the government is established in righteousness

Standing for the States

Love Tim & Faith

  • Sign a star falls from heaven showing demonic force has fallen, Dutch Sheets

The Last Stand

  • Sign of Michael the archangel fighting for the elections, Dutch Sheets

A confirmation from heaven

  • Sign that God’s judgement has come down on fraud, Hank Kunneman

The wind of God’s fist and purity of snow

  • Trump is positive about the future. Let’s stand with him

FoxNews: “Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun,” he said. “In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people. There has never been anything like it!”

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